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90.9 fm — anything but ephemeral

Just a few days ago, CDB turned 32! In 1978 we hit the ground running, appropriately christening the airwaves by spinning “born to run” by The Boss. But you won’t hear that song on CDB anymore because we don’t play mainstream music—that’s our whole M.O.. Just to give you an idea of how long we’ve been doing this, we’ve been at it since:

-before your parents met

-the president was in high school in Hawaii

-Deer hunter (the movie) came out (as well as lord of the rings, inglorious bastards, superman, and halloween)

-a gallon of gas was 63 cents

-the Democratic president was carried to the White House by the South (Carter)

…point being: it’s been a while, we’re still going strong, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Check out the history of CDB on www.wcdbfm.com