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Song-A-Day: February 14

Everyday’s the fourteenth! Happy Valentines Day everybody, in terms of musical history Pavement’s famed record Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain was actually released on February 14, but today we’re going to go with the brilliantly fun “Happy Valentines Day” by the once again active hip-hop duo Outkast.

My name is Cupid Valentino, the modern day Cupid
And I just want to say one thing

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th!
I don’t think y’all heard me!
I just want to say Happy Valentine’s Day!
Every day the 14th!
Can y’all dig that?
Now when arrows don’t penetrate, see
Cupid grabs the pistol (Uh, yeah, now, now lookie here!)
And he shoots straight for your heart
And when he won’t miss you!
That’s alright ’cause y’all won’t believe in me anyways

Ya won’t believe in me, but you would fancy
leprechauns or groundhogs
No thank you, Easter Bunny!
(There’s all this talk about Santa Claus, but see
love will rule reign supreme)

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th! (You got it!)
When Cupid knocks at your door
You can’t ignore me!
There’s no need to run!
So, Happy Valentine’s Day (Hey!)
Every day the 14th!
I may have it all wrong, see
If you know what loves mean, well
Well, somebody tell me!
Cause they just don’t believe in me!

Ya’ won’t believe in me, but you would fancy
leprechauns or groundhogs
No thank you, Easter Bunny!
(There’s so much fuss about Santa Claus, but see
Cupid will not be defeated!)

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th!
Now I know your hearts have grown cold
And that bothers me
Now I understand ’cause I use to be a bad boy in my day
I know you’re trying to protect your lil’ feelings
but you can’t run away
Oh oh!

Ya’ won’t believe in me, but you would fancy..
(Hey! Don’t you supposed to be some kind of player or something?)

Well keep on runnin’, player
‘Cause I got my good shoes on
And I got ’em tied up tight
So, you’re going to find out tonight!

Got a sweet lil’ darling back in my corner
Below I know I love her, but act like I don’t want her
Surrounded by the lonely, but yet feel like a loner
Could be an organ donor
The way I give up my heart, but
Never know because ? s***, I never tell her!
Ask me about my feelings I’d holla’ that it’s irrela’
I don’t get myself caught up in the Jello gella’
And puddin’ pops, that others opt to call falling in love, but
For the record, have you ever rode a horse?
Would I like for you to take me to Pluto?
I said, “Of course!”
But if you ain’t a sweety indeedy, I won’t endorse
Hans Solo till I’m hit by the bullet, so may the force
Be with you, and I’ll hit you when better time permits
For now, give me examples of why you’re the s***!
But how am I to know with the profession that I’m in?
And if you do not know me, then how could you be my friend?

Happy Valentine’s, Happy Valentine’s
Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day

All The De La Soul You Ever Needed!

Awesome news: The De La Soul discography is currently available for free download from their website wearedelasoul.com. The promotion is running right now and will end tomorrow at noon (eastern), and the only trade-off you need to make for the albums is (perhaps temporarily) joining their mainline list. If you’ve never listened to the group before and are looking for a good starting point, 3 Feet High and Rising is their classic album and includes some of the most all known songs by the band, such as “Me Myself and I”.