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Local Limelight Interview: The Summer Switch

Tony Pitkin (Vocals)
Ian Dorset (Guitar/Vocals)
Ethan Rose (Guitar/Vocals)
Eric Rosen (Bass)
Ryan Wager (Drums)

The Summer Switch is a local five piece band that is breaking down barriers on the pop punk scene. These guys can always be spotted a mile away, not only from their unique ability to create a blending of harmonic vocals with the intensity of their instrumentals, but also by the amount of energy that is always brought when they set foot on the stage. This band is accustomed to playing in small venues but their talent is truly put on display when they are able to play off of the energy of a larger, more aggressive crowd. If you are questioning the talent of this band, consider taking a look at their fan base. Three towns are proud enough to call them local artist and it’s well deserved. They have catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head for days and a passion for music that comes across every time they perform, showcasing their dedication and love for their art, thus turning anyone with a respect for music into a fan instantly.

You can check these guys out on Facebook for more of their music, including their EP and follow them on Twitter for events and happenings from the band.

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