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DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Funny Song

New DJ Survey here! This time we asked our DJs what their favorite funny song was and got quite a large range of responses…

DJ XploRa: The Mountain Goats- “Plead Me to a Lesser Charge”

It’s a GG Allin cover, the original by him is “Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass“. I think this cover is hilarious.

DJ Luuk: Art Brut- “Moving to L.A.”

Art Brut’s songs always have a great conversational quality to them and this lends itself to some good, subtle comedy. “Moving to L.A.” is a song by them that made me laugh out loud several times when I listened to it, but it holds up musically as well!

“I’m considering a move to L.A.. Everything’s gonna be just fine, I hear the murder rate is in decline”

That lyric always made me laugh

Andrew from Keep Albany Boring: R. Kelly- “Pregnant” (Ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, and The Dream)

DJ Trish: Andrew Jackson Jihad- “I Love You”

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