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Q1 of 2013 report – Nicole’s fav albums so far + most anticipated Q2

a list of some albums I liked in the first quarter of 2013 and some upcoming releases that I’m looking forward to listening to

Motion Sickness of Time Travel & Imperial Topaz Split
Tranquility Tapes, released January 12

Indians – Somewhere Else
4AD, released January 28

Beach Fossils – Clash The Truth
Captured Tracks, released February 19

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Album of the Month, April: Alabama Shakes- Boys and GIrls

Toughest month to pick so far, and that’s why an album I haven’t even played on cdb yet is the pick(though that’s mainly blamed on me not having a show for the past few weeks). The band has made it’s name based on it’s live performances, and their debut album has captured a lot of their energy and displayed it well. Strong southern roots in the music and the singer’s wonderfully powerful voice makes this album flow well from start to finish, and that’s enough to make it the best new album I heard in April

Track Suggestions:

Be Mine

I Ain’t the Same

I Found You

Album of the Month, March: Oberhofer- Time Capsules II

Oberhofer’s a band  from Brooklyn that got named after it’s lead singer, Brad Oberhofer, and they released their debut album Time Capsules II  officially on March 27th. Fortunately we got it into WCDB a while ago now, so many of the songs have already been drilled into my head with fun and catchy melodies. It’s not like the sound is unprecedented , whistling in indie music happens frequently and has become pretty cheap, while syllabic elongation/meaningless choruses are widely accepted(at least in Indie Pop). The track names look like text messages and the singer’s voice isn’t natural either, as he stresses each syllable while altering pronunciations(though I actually enjoy his approach a lot). So what makes this album different and actually substantial? Continue reading Album of the Month, March: Oberhofer- Time Capsules II

Album of the Month, February: Of Montreal- Paralytic Stalks

For January my favorite album was Paralytic Stalks by of Montreal, a band that’s actually from Georgia but is named after a girl lead singer Kevin Barnes used to be with that was “of Montreal”…  When I first tried to get into the band many of their earlier works frustrated me with annoyingly frank and simple concepts (Tim I wish you were born a girl immediately comes to mind), but this certainly isn’t the case with Paralytic Stalks.  Continue reading Album of the Month, February: Of Montreal- Paralytic Stalks

Watch the new Barons in the Attic Video!

Our friends have just released a music video for their song, “Julia” on the latest album, Turn It Off and Take Out The Battery.  You can download the whole thing here

You can also catch the band at WCDB’s 34th Anniversary!  It’s a 2 day festival with a bunch of bands, giveaways, and more.  More information can be found on the Facebook event.

Album of the Month, January: Cloud Nothings- Attack on Memory

First off, congratulations to the New York Giants for winning another Super Bowl, you guys represented the lesser of two evils so I’m glad you won. That being said, let’s begin the process of me forgetting that game ever happened so I can live in a world where the Jets are still considered good (I miss last year).

Last semester I had a weekly column where I posted reviews for CDs I listened to at WCDB, but this semester I’m a lot busier and can’t quite make that commitment again. I do want to continue being a contributor to the blog though, and because of this I decided my new segment will be choosing my favorite album of each month. Not that large of a commitment but still a way for me to talk about my favorite music I’m hearing at WCDB. In the future they’ll be up much closer to the end of the previous month too, at least in theory! Continue reading Album of the Month, January: Cloud Nothings- Attack on Memory

New Of Montreal Song!

Of Montreal has been one of my favorite bands since probably 8th grade when I first heard “Pancakes For One” off of Aldhil’s Arboretum.  They’ve come a long way since then, developing their sound with each album.  My favorite has remained The Sunlandic Twins, a compilation of pop-dance songs and contains my all time favorite piece by the band, “Oslo in the Summertime.”

Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? released in 2007 showed the group’s more progressive side and is definitely a wonderful album.  But I haven’t enjoyed the following ones, Skeletal Lamping and (especially) False Priest nearly as much.  Kevin Barnes made me feel creeped out with all of the sexual references and less than exciting, attention catching tunes.

But my faith in Of Montreal has been restored!  The release of their new album Paralytic Stalks will be on February 7th and after listening to the 4th track on the album, I’m definitely stoked to hear the rest of them.  My first impression is that it’s a mixture of Hissing Fauna and Skeletal Lamping, which is not a bad thing what-so-ever.

Hear for yourself! What do you think?