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Brothers Quay

brothers quay

The Brothers Quay make some of the best, most spellbinding animations.  They create darkly atmospheric animations rife with magic and decay that grow out of their intricate hand made sets and puppets.

I first became aware of them through their videos for one of the classic 4AD bands, His Name is Alive. The brothers did two videos for the songs “Are We Still Married” (below) and “Can’t Go Wrong Without You”. The videos and the songs form a perfect compliment each accentuating the other’s dark beauty.

EMPAC is screening a number of the Brothers Quay’s short films tomorrow as part of EMPAC’s series Shadow Play, which highlights films “that tread nimbly between reality and illusion”.

You can win tickets the the screening of these short films by listening to Nicole tonight 6pm-8pm.

Music Makes Everything Better: Reason 01

Do the Right Thing

Before DJ extraordinaire Mister Senor Love Daddy screams WAKE UP to open Spike Lee’s commentary on race issues in America, we’re treated to one of the best examples of using the opening credits to set the scene. Rosie Perez dances to Public Enemy’s Fight the Power on a stage built to resemble a  Brooklyn street. Throughout the rest of the film the song creeps its way through the background of scenes, slowly building as the racial tensions come to a boiling point.

Everyday or so I’ll be giving real life examples of why music is so awesome, as if you ever doubted. Keep coming back and tell me what makes music so awesome for you. @JamesMeckerWHAT

Totally Rad Movie You Haven’t Seen

A Boy and His Dog directed by L. Q. Jones

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies are kind of a dime a dozen. But what makes this movie so great is that it really boils down to a tale about a boy and his dog. It’s a little slow at parts and it can benefit from a little more structure (especially in the last half) but sometimes you just need a little sentimentality to make a movie work. Unfortunately, it hurts a little bit knowing the boy grows up and becomes Miami Vice