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DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Concept Album?


We went back to our DJs to conduct our first DJ survey in a while, this time with the question being: What’s Your Favorite Concept Album?

Lisa BrownKid Cudi’s Man on The Moon I & II
The first album is an autobiographical track series that takes listeners on a journey into the dark world of substance abuse, night terrors and feelings of isolation. With a gloomy feel, the different acts of the story are an inside into his lonely mind, nightmares and use of drugs to calm fears and escape reality.
The second Man on The Moon brings listeners into Cudi’s reality–both good and bad. Showcasing who he is as a person, he acknowledges his addictions, emotions and dealing with fame.Both albums embrace a psychedelic spacey sound with blending elements of hip hop, electronic and rock.
Gow Mosby: Breezly Brewin – Prince Among Thieves
The concept follows the story of an aspiring young emcee named Tariq, played by emcee Breezly Brewin, who needs to collect money to record a demo tape before a meeting with Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA. The story follows a desperate Tariq, who quits his low-paying job and turns to his friend True, played by emcee Big Sha, who plugs him into the world of drug dealing. The two make their way through the drug world, a police ambush, jail, and, finally, a deadly showdown.

Eric BennetSufjan Stevens’ Come On, Feel The Illinoise! and Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lake State

 I’ve always thought the concept of these two albums written about states was very cool. I love the idea of studying State histories and cultures separately from the nation, and doing it through song is a great way to get a feel for them. I deeply wish Sufjan hadn’t given up on the 50 States Project. 
Taco Party Box: I am going to list two, so deal with that!!

1. The Streets- A Grand Don’t Come For Free
His second album under The Streets moniker is a concept album basically about the life of grime/crime. He looses a grand, finds out his best friend is sleeping with his lady and eventually raises himself back up. Not the “danciest” of his albums, but it tells a really good story, and it has a happy ending.
2. The Game- Jesus Piece 
This is another album about a life of crime, but it is about also having God in your life. It doesn’t tell a story in the same way as “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” but it still tells a story about overcoming hardship. This was in my top 10 for 2012 for sure. There are so many great tracks on this album and so many awesome guest appearances. It also saw The Game get back with Dre in production.
I realize that these are both not albums people would listen to as the are not “alt-rock” but you should listen to both of them. they are both great!!!
Want to give mention to another album? Feel free to use the comments below!