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Lil B is Gay and Loves Woman

So by now you’ve probably heard that Lil B’s new album is going to be titled “I’m Gay”. Following this announcement, GLAAD dared him to back it up and be prepared to use the “power of words” for good; in other words, not to exploit the word for shock value.

Since then, b (seewutididthere?) has commented that he is a “gay, heterosexual man” and that he is “very happy”. I guess he’s going by ye olde definition to defend his actions but he’s a rapper. He knows how to use words. He further went on to say that he’s receiving death threats about the album title to which I wonder aloud, from who? Homophobes or the Gay Community? If it’s the latter, why hasn’t their been backlash against Lady Gaga’s horrible new songs that, at least to me, feel like exploitation?

In my opinion, I think there isn’t any harm in Lil B’s album title. I don’t see anything wrong with using the word “gay”. This positive usage could even possibly be a step towards reducing it’s use as a derogatory term. Just like how Michael Scott described the use of the word “retard”: “You don’t call a retarded person a retard. You call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded.”

Anyway, obligatory THANK YOU BASED GOD

When .gifs can be tattooed this will go right on my back