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Helping You Get Your CD Played at College Stations

At WCDB we get a lot of of CDs every week begging to played, whether it’s a major label pushing for one of their premiere bands or a collection of guys from Schenectady who are hoping for a break. In either case it’s nice to help, but the simple fact of it is that we can’t review every CD that comes in because we don’t have the ability to tell our DJs what every single one of those CDs sounds similar to while being decent students. This means that some get skipped over, and for a lot of artists this happens based solely off of the impression that the packaging gives(it’s unfortunate, but true). So how can an artist try and make their CD stand out at college radio stations?
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Kyle’s Favorite 25 Albums of 2012

Hey there everyone, my name’s Kyle and I’m the Alternative Rock director over here at WCDB Albany. I’d like to preface this list by saying that I’m by no means a qualified music critic, I’m solely a college kid who loves music and has a lot of access to it. This being said I’ve been looking forward to making this list forever because comparing albums to each other is an amazingly fun process for me. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to high five me or question if I have ears in the comments below!
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