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Essential Albums: American Football- American Football

Quick Band Bio: Mike Kinsella is known today mainly for his work with his solo project Owen, but back in 1999 he was a part of a band named American Football. Kinsella worked with Steve Holmes(guitar) and Steve Lamos(drums/trumpet) to complete the band, but they would ultimately only release a single EP and one album before disbanding to approach other projects.

It’s easy to lose track of American Football’s self titled album because the band called it quits after releasing it and because Kinsella is now more well known for his solo project. American Football does need to be remembered though, even if it forces you to make a conscious effort to do so, because it’s indie folk/folk-rock done fantastically well.
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Quick Band Bio: The Mountain Goats are an indie folk band that started back in 1991 and are still active today, their most recent release being Transcendental Youth last year. This being said, the only member who’s been in the band for the full time period is singer/songwriter John Darnielle who today is accompanied by bassist Peter Hughes and John Wurster on the drums, but back when Sweden was released was only paired with bassist/vocalist Rachel Ware. Back in 1995 at a festival soon after the release of Sweden, Darnielle stated  “I don’t think a career in music is a way to live, you know, so yeah I want to teach. I want to be a person, and music is..is a different aspect, an important aspect of life..but not, you know, I wouldn’t want to live like musicians live. I just couldn’t do that.”

Sweden was the 2nd Mountain Goats album, and in spite of the quote it would prove to be an early mark of brilliance in a discography that today features fourteen albums and numerous EPs. What makes Sweden the significant album from this group to look back on?