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Yazen Hits Up: Skate and Surf Festival at Six Flags Great Adventure (5/18/13)

Skate & Surf Festival made its return this spring after John D, the founder of The Bamboozle Festival, announced that Bamboozle wouldn’t be making a return in 2013. When the details about Skate & Surf were announced, the main attraction would be Fall Out Boy headlining the festival after their four year hiatus. Along with Fall Out Boy, some other bands played at the smaller stages who have been nothing short of phenomenal.

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Enter Shikari: listen to their new songs

Who knew hardcore and electronic music would blend so well together?  Hailing from England, Enter Shikari has seen a lot of success.  Their debut album released in 2007, Take To The Skies, reached reached #4 in the Official UK Album Chart and their following album which I find incredible, Common Dreads (2009) reached #16.  Their third studio album, A Flash Flood Of Color is due to come out January 16, 2012.
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Trapped Under Ice Exclusive WCDB Interview

 Trapped Under Ice is a hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. They just released a new album called Big Kiss Goodnight. They stopped by for an interview after the show they played last Sunday at the yearly tattoo convention at Northern Lights called Rat A Tat.

Here’s the mediafire link to download the mp3 file. It’s kinda long but worth it. 🙂 Ignore me sounding like an idiot lol. It was a really fun experience and they’re all really cool people. Afterwards we went to Denny’s and got milkshakes at 2 am! CHECK IT OUTTTT!


 Also, keep a look out for the written out interview on Keep Albany Boring.  It should be up soon!