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DJ Survey: Where’s Your Favorite Spot on Campus?

This time we tracked down our DJs and asked them to let us know the best way to stalk them, asking each one what their favorite spot is at the University at Albany. For the sake of diversity in answers I informed everyone that answering WCDB wasn’t allowed because that would probably make this a really boring survey, and instead we got a wide variety of answers which spread from the libraries to the bathroom, and you can learn who said what right here and right now.


But also the park bench I hid in the middle of Indian forest. Good times.
– Enzy Penzy
Business Director


The Science Library, 3rd Floor.
– Ricky
Hip-Hop Director


“The science library. It’s not as mainstream as the main library. And super quiet in the basement.” 
– Luuk
Training Director


“The bench by Indian Pond, right after you cross the bridge. I used to read my paper there everyday, when i lived on campus.”
– Robby Red
Alternative Rock Director


FatMan“The piano practice rooms in the basement of the performing arts building are where it’s at.  Go in, shut the door, space out and make some music between classes.. This was the key to my maintaining sanity while on campus.” 

                                                                    -Fat Man
                                                                     Alternative Rock DJ
                                                                    His DJ Profile


“My favorite place on campus is the Dewey Library. The stained glass and murals all over the walls make it way less oppressive than the uptown campus library, which has always made me feel uncomfortable. More specifically there is a wooden desk all the way in the back corner on the first floor which is the best place to sit in the whole library. I hated going to the library until I started going to the downtown campus. Also, there is an observatory on the roof of the Earth Science building which is pretty cool if you can get permission to go up there.”


Milky“In the handicap stall in the second floor men’s bathroom in the fine arts building. It’s super roomy, has really good natural lighting, and there’s this vent that always shoots out this perfect lukewarm air. It’s super relaxing to just put your face over that and just think about THE STRUGGLE.”

                                                            – DJ Milky
                                                            Alternative Rock DJ
                                                            His DJ Profile


KyleIt’s gotta either be the tunnels or the secret staircase.”

                                                                                   – Kyle
                                                                                   Blog Director
                                                                                   His DJ Profile