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Song-A-Day: February 17

February 17 is the birthday of the best Basketball player the world’s ever seen in Michael Jordan, and our Song-A-Day is barely going to reflect that. The title of the track is “The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving”, which is a short song by Andrew Jackson Jihad which describes said character’s ‘last game’ being played tonight in the typically insane style of the artist. This is one of my favorite songs by Andrew Jackson Jihad though because it’s length keeps it simple so that the point gets made but not overdone, listen below

The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving played his final game tonight
Emburdened by his loneliness, he wanted to feel alive
His laziness built the pyramids, and his solitude was a knife
The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving played his final game tonight

DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Funny Song

New DJ Survey here! This time we asked our DJs what their favorite funny song was and got quite a large range of responses…

DJ XploRa: The Mountain Goats- “Plead Me to a Lesser Charge”

It’s a GG Allin cover, the original by him is “Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass“. I think this cover is hilarious.

DJ Luuk: Art Brut- “Moving to L.A.”

Art Brut’s songs always have a great conversational quality to them and this lends itself to some good, subtle comedy. “Moving to L.A.” is a song by them that made me laugh out loud several times when I listened to it, but it holds up musically as well!

“I’m considering a move to L.A.. Everything’s gonna be just fine, I hear the murder rate is in decline”

That lyric always made me laugh

Andrew from Keep Albany Boring: R. Kelly- “Pregnant” (Ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, and The Dream)

DJ Trish: Andrew Jackson Jihad- “I Love You”

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