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Most Viewed Year in Airwaves’ History

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Our blog is still eyeing progression, but one of the primary goals of the year has just been accomplished. 2013 is officially the most viewed year that Airwaves, WCDB Albany’s official blog, has ever had, and we haven’t even entered December yet! Stay tuned in the upcoming months in order to see

  • The finale of Kyle’s Favorite 100 songs countdown. Expected Arrival: Sunday
  • The End-of-the-Year lists our DJs come up with. Expected Arrival: Early-Mid December
  • WCDB’s congregate Album of the Year list. Expected Arrival: Late December
  • A special, and eagerly awaited ‘Top 100 Alternative Songs’ from a more historical perspective, provided by my dad Thomas Ryan (author of American Hit Radio and host of radio show “American Hit Network”). Expected Arrival: January

There will also likely be the addition of more ‘Essential Albums’ posts under different parameters, more DJ surveys, more album reviews, and possibly a new segment to cover artist’s discographies from album to album. Thank you to all the readers for helping make this our best year so far, we’ll continue working hard to improve our product.