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DJ Survey: Where’s Your Favorite Spot on Campus?

This time we tracked down our DJs and asked them to let us know the best way to stalk them, asking each one what their favorite spot is at the University at Albany. For the sake of diversity in answers I informed everyone that answering WCDB wasn’t allowed because that would probably make this a really boring survey, and instead we got a wide variety of answers which spread from the libraries to the bathroom, and you can learn who said what right here and right now.


But also the park bench I hid in the middle of Indian forest. Good times.
– Enzy Penzy
Business Director


The Science Library, 3rd Floor.
– Ricky
Hip-Hop Director


“The science library. It’s not as mainstream as the main library. And super quiet in the basement.” 
– Luuk
Training Director


“The bench by Indian Pond, right after you cross the bridge. I used to read my paper there everyday, when i lived on campus.”
– Robby Red
Alternative Rock Director


FatMan“The piano practice rooms in the basement of the performing arts building are where it’s at.  Go in, shut the door, space out and make some music between classes.. This was the key to my maintaining sanity while on campus.” 

                                                                    -Fat Man
                                                                     Alternative Rock DJ
                                                                    His DJ Profile


“My favorite place on campus is the Dewey Library. The stained glass and murals all over the walls make it way less oppressive than the uptown campus library, which has always made me feel uncomfortable. More specifically there is a wooden desk all the way in the back corner on the first floor which is the best place to sit in the whole library. I hated going to the library until I started going to the downtown campus. Also, there is an observatory on the roof of the Earth Science building which is pretty cool if you can get permission to go up there.”


Milky“In the handicap stall in the second floor men’s bathroom in the fine arts building. It’s super roomy, has really good natural lighting, and there’s this vent that always shoots out this perfect lukewarm air. It’s super relaxing to just put your face over that and just think about THE STRUGGLE.”

                                                            – DJ Milky
                                                            Alternative Rock DJ
                                                            His DJ Profile


KyleIt’s gotta either be the tunnels or the secret staircase.”

                                                                                   – Kyle
                                                                                   Blog Director
                                                                                   His DJ Profile

DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Concept Album?


We went back to our DJs to conduct our first DJ survey in a while, this time with the question being: What’s Your Favorite Concept Album?

Lisa BrownKid Cudi’s Man on The Moon I & II
The first album is an autobiographical track series that takes listeners on a journey into the dark world of substance abuse, night terrors and feelings of isolation. With a gloomy feel, the different acts of the story are an inside into his lonely mind, nightmares and use of drugs to calm fears and escape reality.
The second Man on The Moon brings listeners into Cudi’s reality–both good and bad. Showcasing who he is as a person, he acknowledges his addictions, emotions and dealing with fame.Both albums embrace a psychedelic spacey sound with blending elements of hip hop, electronic and rock.
Gow Mosby: Breezly Brewin – Prince Among Thieves
The concept follows the story of an aspiring young emcee named Tariq, played by emcee Breezly Brewin, who needs to collect money to record a demo tape before a meeting with Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA. The story follows a desperate Tariq, who quits his low-paying job and turns to his friend True, played by emcee Big Sha, who plugs him into the world of drug dealing. The two make their way through the drug world, a police ambush, jail, and, finally, a deadly showdown.

Eric BennetSufjan Stevens’ Come On, Feel The Illinoise! and Greetings from Michigan, the Great Lake State

 I’ve always thought the concept of these two albums written about states was very cool. I love the idea of studying State histories and cultures separately from the nation, and doing it through song is a great way to get a feel for them. I deeply wish Sufjan hadn’t given up on the 50 States Project. 
Taco Party Box: I am going to list two, so deal with that!!

1. The Streets- A Grand Don’t Come For Free
His second album under The Streets moniker is a concept album basically about the life of grime/crime. He looses a grand, finds out his best friend is sleeping with his lady and eventually raises himself back up. Not the “danciest” of his albums, but it tells a really good story, and it has a happy ending.
2. The Game- Jesus Piece 
This is another album about a life of crime, but it is about also having God in your life. It doesn’t tell a story in the same way as “A Grand Don’t Come For Free” but it still tells a story about overcoming hardship. This was in my top 10 for 2012 for sure. There are so many great tracks on this album and so many awesome guest appearances. It also saw The Game get back with Dre in production.
I realize that these are both not albums people would listen to as the are not “alt-rock” but you should listen to both of them. they are both great!!!
Want to give mention to another album? Feel free to use the comments below!

DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Book?

This week we asked some of our DJs to give us some information about what they like in a different realm of entertainment, literature. We asked our DJs what their favorite book was, and received the following responses.


Kyle: The Stranger by Albert Camus


DJ Brian: I have two favorite books (one of them is more or less a long critical essay). One of them is definitely 1984. I believe it brings up important topics of the increasing power of technology through a sociological lens. My other favorite is The Theory of Communicative Action by Jürgen Habermas. I believe the is a module by which public speaking within the public sphere should take place. It provides a guideline for educated discussion, however it’s only flaw is it takes place in an idealistic world. Regardless I believe it is one of the most important works of all time as it applies to any period of time.


Enzypenzy: I’ll have to answer this in two:

The book that pops into my head after hearing the words “favorite” and “book” in the same sentence is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Rightfully so considering that I must have reread it about five times, crying and feeling all the feels every time. Augustus Waters is an amazing character, and at the time of my first read-through, my grandfather was going through cancer along with him. The emotional connection for me was pretty significant.

However, the book that has always haunted me since many years ago is The Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It isn’t a horror, it isn’t a terrifying mystery, but at the same time it is. If any of you read it, you’ll know what I mean when I say that Hannah’s words always sent chills down my spine. The whispers of a dead girl being left for me to imagine is creepy after all, especially since I was young when I was introduced to this book.


Robby RedSometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey


DJ Survey: What’s the Best Live Show You’ve Ever Seen?

As WCDB DJs, one of the perks that you get is the opportunity to see a lot of live shows, be it free or not. This survey asked our DJs what the best live show is that they ever attended.

Jordan Hill: Rock The Bells 2011

featuring Blackstar, Common, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Nas.


DJ Brian: Tegan and Sara

I loved t&s their harmonies were fantastic. And their banter was pretty hysterical. Best live show I’ve seen by far.


Taco Party Box:  Lollapalooza in ’96, Starscape 2002

Best Festival (Live Music) Lollapooza 96 (Syracuse NY)’: Ramones Farewell(actual) tour, Rancid (when they were still in their 20’s), Wu Tang Clan (with the Ol’ Dirty Bastard), Soundgarden, and Metallica (which i didn’t stay for, too much of a red-neck presence).
Best Festival (Electronic Music), starscape 2002 (Baltimore MD) This was the last year when they still had 7 stages. Since this was right around the time of the “Crack House Law” crackdowns on parties there was a very light drug presence. Lonnie does an amazing job on putting together his parties. It was amazing. 


Metal Tony: Mayhem Festival

The best live show I’ve ever been to was mayhem festival. All day, all metal. I mean, with bands like Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, and Machine Head on the same bill, how could you go wrong? On top of that, I saw Job for a Cowboy’s Nick Schizendielos, one of the best metal bassists today. To wrap up the show,  Rob Zombie tore it up along with John 5 and Ginger Fish. Loved it.


Teddard Stark– Wilco

For sure.


Luuk– Deerhoof

Deerhoof at Valentines was amazing. Best show I’ve ever been to.


Kyle: WCDB’s 34th anniversary

Mainly based upon the mosh pit of CDB’ers past and present during Titus Andronicus. I got to yell in people’s faces phrases like “THE ENEMY IS EVERYWHERE” and “YOU WILL ALWAYS, BE A LOSER” and sway with them arm in arm two minutes later. All in all it was probably the most exercise I’d had in years.

DJ MilkyBlack Moth Super Rainbow

One time I saw Black Moth Super Rainbow in a fancy hotel ballroom. I was 16 and wearing a homemade cardboard robot helmet and dancing furiously. There was a man on stage whose job it was to dance around and wave a flag while wearing a fur body suit and a rubber mask that resembled an elderly Asian man. At one point this man was throwing water bottles out to the thirsty crowd. The man foolishly threw one underhand in an attempt to reach the back of the crowd. This particular water bottle hit the strange chandelier that hung over the croud. (For a visual, this chandelier looked like a bunch of upside down waterglasses) The water bottle shattered a few of these “glasses” and shards of glass rained down upon the audience. Though the glass shattered directly above me, I was saved by the large cardboard helmet I decided (perhaps due to some sort of divine providence) to wear. To this day, I cannot forget the visual of angry bald reporter with a bloody head yelling at an extremely apologetic masked man in a fuzzy suit. Their words could not be heard behind the sound of Dandelion Gum era Black Moth (who never stopped playing by the way). But they could be seen flailing about cartoonishly. Black Moth played a pretty great set too.

DJ Survey: What’s Your Backup Department at WCDB?

All of our DJs have found their home at our station within a department that best fits their music tastes, but where would they be if that department wasn’t available to them? This DJ survey asks our students where they would be if they had to move to a new department in WCDB.

EnzoIf I had to be in a different department for WCDB, I would most definitely be in the hip-hop department. As much as I love my loud guitars and crazy drum fills, I really love me some clever rap lines over a classic boombat beat. Artists like MF Doom, NAS, Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ, Common, Tyler the Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt are always playing on my musical devices. Maybe some time in the future I’ll cover a hiphop show or something. I’d be really excited to do so!


RichI would join either Hip-hop or electronic since a lot of my shows feature tracks that incorporate elements from both and I would eventually like to explore both genres more deeply.


Martin: I’m not too sure… I’ve started to embrace alternative rock a bit more so I guess I would probably be in that department.


Kyle: I’d head to my second love in the Sports department. I know a good amount about the NFL, NBA and NCAAB and do a good job of staying unbiased if talking about them. I’ve done some halftime sports coverage on CDB before during our homecoming and NCAA tournament game coverage, but I don’t know if I’d be prepared to do a full show on the topic.


RobbyIf I was in a different department than the Alternative Rock Department, I would be a metal DJ, because that’s what I know the most. In my youth, I was pretty into it.

DJ Survey: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

This time around our DJs had to make a confession about who their guilty pleasure is, which brought out both some common and some not-so-common names getting mentioned. If you’ve got an artist of your own you’d call a guilty pleasure you can let us know who in the comments section below!

 Luuk: Joe Jackson

Sometimes I sing along to Joe Jackson songs in my car.

Corben: The Crash Test Dummies

MY guilty pleasure is definitely the Crash Test Dummies, a really great, underrated kind of cheesy band from the 90’s. They are kind of country, kind of poppy and something my parents listen to. Maybe not exactly a guilty pleasure because they have a pretty unique sound and are actually talented but some of the music is kind of quirky and fluffy pop.
It’s my jam

Noah: Fallout Boy

It makes no sense, their first album was great and it was all down hill from there. But for some reason I pretty much know every lyric to every song on every album. Who am I kidding, I’m Fall Out Boy’s #2 fan (some 14 year old girl is #1).

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DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Long Song?

On the radio playing a long track can be a death sentence to your listenership, but there are still those tracks that are so great that they need to be played either way. This time we checked in with our DJs to ask them what their favorite long song is and got some terrific responses. A song had to be at least eight minutes long to be considered.




Jed Davis: “Stairway to Heaven”

Just kidding.  Shellac- “The End of Radio”.


Robby Red: The Velvet Underground- “Sister Ray”

The studio version of “Sister Ray” by the Velvet Underground is seventeen and a half minutes long. When the Velvet Underground played it live they would make it last anywhere from twenty to forty minutes long. Runner Up: “Marquee Moon” by Television


Andrew: William Basinki- “d|p 1.1”

If I exclude things like full sided cassette rips, mixes, and anything that might be more then one song strung together I get rid of lots of favorites like Yard’s 37mx (1 hour 14 mins) which I guess is technically a mix.
But if I have to pick a favorite that is really just one song it is probably William Basinski’s d|p 1.1 from The Disintegration Loops. d|p 1.1 weighs in at 63 minutes and I have played it in its entirety on WCDB before. Basinski is playing at EMPAC in the fall.

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DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Summer Album

We’re in Finals week here at SUNY Albany, and with summer approaching we decided to check in with our DJs before they bolted to see which albums they think they’ll be playing during the upcoming months!

DJ Milky [Alt-Rock]- “DJ Milky’s Music Hour for Dumb Babies” Monday 4am-6am

I generally like listening to jangly stuff like the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Anything that would be a good soundtrack to riding a bike in shorts while drinking a slurpee.

Metal Tony [Metal]- “The Metal F’n Show” Saturday 10pm-midnight

For me, it would have to be For the Sake of Revenge by Sonata Arctica. The music is very upbeat, plus the live aspect of it reminds me that summer season is concert season.

DJ HEAT [Alt-Rock]- “Let the Good Times Roll” Monday 6pm-8pm

Jay Reatard Blood Visions: CRANK THAT with the windows down and you will feel like you drank 10 cups of coffee in a good way (R.I.P. Jay Reatard)

Bruce Springsteen – All 3 parts of the Live at Passaic bootleg from 1978. Also… I think “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen is the quintessential summer song

Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One

1 CURRENT song that is a definitely summer song is “Quotidian Beast” by Phosphorescent

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What Artist(s) Inspired Your Current Taste In Music? Cont.

So I saw the original blog post, and despite not being a DJ anymore, wanted to get in on the fun! I sent my thing to Melissa, and she told me to make it its own post. Without further adieu, here is the band and the explanation of how they inspired my current taste in music.


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