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You Blew It! Interview

I got a chance to interview You Blew It! in Georgia over the summer on their tour with Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, and The So-So Glos. You Blew It! is Tanner (guitar/vox), Andy Anaya (guitar), Andrew Vila (bass) and Matt (drums).

Since then, the band released an EP of Weezer covers entitled You Blue It, and unfortunately had much of their gear stolen out of their van. They are still touring, however, with Citizen and Hostage Calm and have an upstate NY date in Poughkeepsie on October 7.

You can stream You Blue It! right here:

Where did you get your band name from? Does it have anything to do with the scene in Billy Madison when he screams ‘You blew it!!!’?

Tanner: Sort of. We started saying it to each other. It’s from a Tim and Eric skit. We used to have a really bad band name, not that this is a good band name. We were called Run Home Jack. We played one show and we we were like, ‘Oh, you blew it, you blew it, you blew it’ and then finally one day our old drummer was like, ‘Let’s make that the band name!’ I was like ‘You are a moron’ and then Billy Madison was on and that part came up…

How has the tour been so far?

Tanner: Sick as- are we allowed to say certain words? Sick as fuck! Holy shit dog!

Is it weird being the first of four bands on such a big tour?

Matt: No, it’s still a joy. Obviously there aren’t as many people in the beginning.
Andy A: There are still a shit ton of people.
Matt: Yeah, it’s about triple the amount of people we usually play to.

Do you still get nervous at all when you perform?

Matt: Yeah.
Andy V: Yeah.
Andy A: I don’t get nervous. (laughter)
Tanner: I didn’t think I did but the first show of the tour we did was a 1500 cap and they had a screen in front of the stage so you could walk on stage and set up your gear without people seeing you. Finally 8 o clock rolls around and the screen starts rolling up and there is a roar of applause. That first show made me nervous.

Who is the most fun to hang out with on tour?

Matt: We know the Front Bottoms the best.
Andy A: We did a tour with them in January so when we started this tour we were already buddy buddy with them, but everybody’s been super nice. There isn’t one person on this tour that I couldn’t have a conversation with or ask what’s the best burrito joint in town.

You mentioned at the show that you’re a big Say Anything fan. Do you have a favorite song?

Tanner: This is kind of a weird favorite song, but I really like Hate Everyone. It sounds kind of cliche but I can’t get that song out of my head.

How was having Evan Weiss from Into It. Over It. help record your album?

Andy A: He did an exceptional job. I think he helped us realize what we were doing. We owe a lot to him.

I know some dudes who were in a fairly popular band who told me that Evan Weiss is not the nicest guy to his peers. I love Into It. Over It. and was surprised to hear that.

Tanner: He’s one of those guys who takes care of the people that he likes, and treats them well, people that respect him, like give respect get respect. It sounds like stupid ‘cholo.’
Andy A: No that shit’s real dude, I completely agree.
Tanner He’s very… I feel like cliquey is the wrong word.
Andy A: Like once you’re with him, you’re with him.

How is being on Topshelf Records?

Tanner: Those guys were friends even before we signed, so the friendship continues on. But they didn’t follow my girlfriend back on Instagram so this is our resignation from the label.
Andy A: No dude we need to stay on their label!

I saw Modern Baseball in Philly a few weeks ago and Brendan told a funny story. He said the first time he crowdsurfed was at a You Blew It! show. Do you remember that?

Andy A: Shit! That was the summer. We played with Mixtapes and Lightyears and Modern Baseball. Yeah, that was fucking awesome. He looked so frightened but so happy.

Do you have a favorite city you like to play in?

Andy A: I have a two way tie: I love Montreal and I also love Seattle. Atlanta is great too. Matt: California is sick too. I love Cali.
Tanner: I love going to Seattle but I think I love playing in LA or Philly.
Andy V: I like Boston, that feels like a hometown show.
Andy A: Philly can get it too.

Do you have any opinions on Spotify and music streaming? Do you think it helps bands?

Tanner: Absolutely. If you do it correctly. Modern Baseball owns all their songs, them personally and they make a good amount of money off it. Nothing to keep them afloat the rest of their lives, but they did digital distribution correctly, they make their money off Spotify, but we did it wrong. We didn’t do that and Spotify fucks us. We’ve been on Spotify for two and a half years and we still haven’t seen one cent. It’s not really about the money. It’s sick as hell to be streaming to everyone.
Andy A: If someone hears our song and comes out to a show, that’s amazing.

Would you mind me asking how old you guys are?

Tanner: Yes I mind, fuck off. (laughter)
Andy V: You can’t ask my age or weight.
Tanner: I am 23 years old and 176 pounds.
Matt: I am 25 and 172 pounds.
Andy A: I am 24 and rockin’ 212.
Andy V: I’m 23 and sitting happy at 160.

Did school ever in the way of the band?

Andy V: Yeah well luckily I graduated. Me and Tanner got out of that jawn. Andy is in a pickle.
Andy A: Well I took a year and a half off of school to work. And then we did a big spring tour. Tanner was still in school. I took another semester off and I was like, ‘Yo, if this band is still doing shit, let’s go. I wanna go as far as we can.’ I keep putting it off. I went back for a year and I only have a small amount of credit hours to do. To be honest, I don’t really care at this point.
Tanner: I didn’t even take time off. I just told them I won’t be here on this class or this class, I’m gonna be on tour, sorry. C’s get degrees though.
Andy A: Somebody told me that UCF stands for U Can’t Finish and I’m starting to believe it.

Do you have any advice for kids trying to break into the scene with all of these great new punk bands like you and the Front Bottoms?

Tanner: Be genuine, do what you like to do, because it’s gonna show, and obviously fuckin’ push it. Not to the extent like ‘Hey dude here’s my record’ or stand in front of Warped with an iPod, but like play shows, do whatever you can do, don’t piss people off and that’s it.
Andy A: For any scene, not just ours, don’t stop. I’ve been playing shows since I was 15 and things are coming around 10 years into it. Just don’t ever give up. I’ve played every style of music, been in every different kind of band, just don’t ever ever give up because that’s what matters.
Tanner: There’s some really big parallels, if you read stupid Buzzfeed articles, like ways to get past the first 2-3 years in starting your own business, and everything they list is like everything that we went through with this band. You go through lulls, like you lose a lot of money, your car breaks down in Missouri, you have horrible times but it’s all worth it because obviously you enjoy what you do.
Andy A: I’m gonna say the cheesiest quote ever but it really does resonate with me and my brother says it to me all the time. ‘Every flower that ever bloomed had to go through a whole lot of dirt to get there.’
Tanner: And his brother was in Pitch Perfect! (laughter) Just end it there. No explanation.

Renegade Radio Show interviews the creator of Fuse’s “Crate Diggers”, Jason Newman


Tyler and Ricky were lucky enough to get to talk to the guy who created the Fuse online series “Crate Diggers.” For those of you who don’t know, “Crate Diggers” is a project which interviews individuals who are collectors of vinyl records. Some are classic hip hop producers, some are visual artists, others musicians, all of them certified music nerds. Jason tells us stories about meeting Pete Rock and getting to hold the record used to make the classic “T.R.O.Y.”, walking onto the So So Def estate of Jermaine Dupri, and looking into the un-seen collection of the late-great J.Dilla.

Listen to the interview below

Watch “Crate Diggers” here

Show Review & Interview: See You Next Year

See You Next Year:

Sue Diaz- Lead Vocals/ Guitar

Brian Supple- Bass

Chris Jones- Vocals

Jose Nunez- Guitar

Caiti Dole- Drums

See You Next Year is a local Albany band, and a long time favorite of mine.  They were the headliner at a show this past weekend at a local venue. I’m going to cut to the chase; See You Next Year no longer has their lead singer, Ben. When I heard this I didn’t know what to expect from the band. I was told that they replaced him with two people; a singer and a guitarist.  And if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, they also replaced the drummer.
As a huge fan of the original four part set up, I was speechless. SYNY is now a five piece with two of the three new members never having been in a band before. As if that wasn’t enough to cause a fan to stop at the door, they had only been practicing together for 3 weeks. A little piece of me died inside when I heard this, but my sheer curiosity got me through the door and kept me around to hear the new SYNY. At this point I figured I would be writing a piece where I was overcome with nostalgia, wishing the original band had never separated and debating if I would still play their music on my show. Continue reading Show Review & Interview: See You Next Year

Local Limelight Interview: The Summer Switch

Tony Pitkin (Vocals)
Ian Dorset (Guitar/Vocals)
Ethan Rose (Guitar/Vocals)
Eric Rosen (Bass)
Ryan Wager (Drums)

The Summer Switch is a local five piece band that is breaking down barriers on the pop punk scene. These guys can always be spotted a mile away, not only from their unique ability to create a blending of harmonic vocals with the intensity of their instrumentals, but also by the amount of energy that is always brought when they set foot on the stage. This band is accustomed to playing in small venues but their talent is truly put on display when they are able to play off of the energy of a larger, more aggressive crowd. If you are questioning the talent of this band, consider taking a look at their fan base. Three towns are proud enough to call them local artist and it’s well deserved. They have catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head for days and a passion for music that comes across every time they perform, showcasing their dedication and love for their art, thus turning anyone with a respect for music into a fan instantly.

You can check these guys out on Facebook for more of their music, including their EP and follow them on Twitter for events and happenings from the band.

For the interview… Continue reading Local Limelight Interview: The Summer Switch

Local Limelight: My Favorite Fence


Christopher Banach: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Kyle Sunderland: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Benjamin Knowles: Drums/Vocals
Brendon Lachance: Bass guitar

My Favorite Fence is an alternative rock band that has a laid back groove to their music. They can often be found playing at local venues and playing alongside other acts similar to their sound such as The Pistolwhips, another local band. Not only is their music something to be enjoyed through your speakers via their demo, but live, these guys always bring energy to the stage. When they play, especially in intimate settings, they make you feel as if they are putting on a show for your ears only. Their harmonic vocals and exuberant instrumentals resonate through your body and connect you to the band in a way that many try and few actually succeed at doing.

You can check them out at to hear more of their music, see where they’re playing next and leave them some love on their wall.
Continue reading Local Limelight: My Favorite Fence

Trapped Under Ice Exclusive WCDB Interview

 Trapped Under Ice is a hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. They just released a new album called Big Kiss Goodnight. They stopped by for an interview after the show they played last Sunday at the yearly tattoo convention at Northern Lights called Rat A Tat.

Here’s the mediafire link to download the mp3 file. It’s kinda long but worth it. 🙂 Ignore me sounding like an idiot lol. It was a really fun experience and they’re all really cool people. Afterwards we went to Denny’s and got milkshakes at 2 am! CHECK IT OUTTTT!

 Also, keep a look out for the written out interview on Keep Albany Boring.  It should be up soon!