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Funky Corners Welcomes PJ Katz

Recently, Funky Corners caught up with musician/beat-maker extraordinaire PJ Katz to discuss his latest release “Ear Food: Vol. 2”.

He played us some of the records he flipped for the album as well talked about his creative process, upcoming projects and the very special place he goes to test his beats.

Listen to the interview here and/or download it here.

You can name your price for Ear Food Vol: 2. on the PJ Katz Bandcamp page.

Funky Corners plays old school hip hop, beats & soul every Friday from 10 to midnight.

All The De La Soul You Ever Needed!

Awesome news: The De La Soul discography is currently available for free download from their website The promotion is running right now and will end tomorrow at noon (eastern), and the only trade-off you need to make for the albums is (perhaps temporarily) joining their mainline list. If you’ve never listened to the group before and are looking for a good starting point, 3 Feet High and Rising is their classic album and includes some of the most all known songs by the band, such as “Me Myself and I”.


Tyler, the Creator posted a video on his Twitter  of him having a jam session with BADBADNOTGOOD. Immediately I was sucked in by the intricate smooth jazz and still completely hip-hop sounds that were coming through my speakers.  BADBADNOTGOOD is an underground group from Canada and its true claim to fame is from a 2 part Youtube series they call the Odd Future Sessions. The nearly 20 minute long live footage shows the trio progressing through various Odd Future tracks from their mixtape, “Radical,” in an intricate jazz style, leaving plenty of room for modulation and carefully placed improve.
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Lil B is Gay and Loves Woman

So by now you’ve probably heard that Lil B’s new album is going to be titled “I’m Gay”. Following this announcement, GLAAD dared him to back it up and be prepared to use the “power of words” for good; in other words, not to exploit the word for shock value.

Since then, b (seewutididthere?) has commented that he is a “gay, heterosexual man” and that he is “very happy”. I guess he’s going by ye olde definition to defend his actions but he’s a rapper. He knows how to use words. He further went on to say that he’s receiving death threats about the album title to which I wonder aloud, from who? Homophobes or the Gay Community? If it’s the latter, why hasn’t their been backlash against Lady Gaga’s horrible new songs that, at least to me, feel like exploitation?

In my opinion, I think there isn’t any harm in Lil B’s album title. I don’t see anything wrong with using the word “gay”. This positive usage could even possibly be a step towards reducing it’s use as a derogatory term. Just like how Michael Scott described the use of the word “retard”: “You don’t call a retarded person a retard. You call your friends retards when they’re acting retarded.”

Anyway, obligatory THANK YOU BASED GOD

When .gifs can be tattooed this will go right on my back

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Sucks


So I’m really late on this but with the NFL lockout I need something football-related to talk about.

Why is it that only Prince is capable of putting on an amazing halftime show? Playing his hits, covering All Along the Watchtower and then finally finishing with Purple Rain (in the rain!!). Bruce put on a decent enough show, but outside of the cameraman getting a crotch-first view of his power slide, it really was just a great musician going through the motions of an act he’s done a thousand times before.

The rest of the acts can just be summed up as those old bands we like but feel bad for to actually see live. Old British bands who couldn’t give a damn about football. Don’t even mention the halftime shows pre-Boy Band era (John Goodman and Jim Belushi as the Blues Brothers?). Oh yeah, and for some reason the Black Eyed Peas were there this year. We need someone American, someone who’s in his prime, and someone who will make the halftime show worth watching.

We need Kanye West.

Let’s go down the list. First off, he’s American. Born in Atlanta, raised in Chicago (effing Bears…), which are in fact American cities. Now I can’t think of any examples that actually proves Kanye is a football fan, but at the same time, who isn’t?

Next on the list, “someone in their prime”. Kanye just released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and it was awesome. I have a rock show (Tuesdays 4-6)  and I even played tracks off it. I don’t need to run down and name how many publications gave it a great review or how many end of year “Albums of 2010” lists it topped. All I need to do is cite one phrase that has been going around: “The Sgt. Pepper of Hip-Hop”

Lastly, what kind of a show would he put on? Allow me to state my case: Saturday Night Live 10/2/10


Normally when musical guests come to SNL they do their thing and leave. It’s normally not very exciting and it’s just another television appearance for a lot of these acts. Kanye came in, made the set his own, got a bunch of ballerinas and poured his soul out into the mic. Part of the reason I’m even starting this movement is just because I’m curious to see what he would do at a Super Bowl.

The biggest thing that people will throw in my face is that his “personal drama” won’t make him the most appealing candidate for the NFL. To that, I’d just like to throw Michael Vick back in their face. This entire season,Vick has been applauded for the turnaround he’s managed to do with his life and how inspiring it is. What’s so different about this? Yeah, Kanye may have done some things we might not agree with but c’mon NFL, where’s the redemption at?

If you think anything I just said sounds like a good idea, I’d really like it if you signed this petition. Show everyone you know this post and let’s turn this into a big thing. Let’s get national attention to this cause. And let’s fucking get Kanye West to do the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


Music Makes Everything Better: Reason 01

Do the Right Thing

Before DJ extraordinaire Mister Senor Love Daddy screams WAKE UP to open Spike Lee’s commentary on race issues in America, we’re treated to one of the best examples of using the opening credits to set the scene. Rosie Perez dances to Public Enemy’s Fight the Power on a stage built to resemble a  Brooklyn street. Throughout the rest of the film the song creeps its way through the background of scenes, slowly building as the racial tensions come to a boiling point.

Everyday or so I’ll be giving real life examples of why music is so awesome, as if you ever doubted. Keep coming back and tell me what makes music so awesome for you. @JamesMeckerWHAT