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The Best of Electronic Dance Music in 2011

I feel bad for artists in December. What with deadlines and expectations and the weight of eleven months on the backs of every critic, it seems that otherwise relevant releases get lost in the shuffle. So yes, it’s December 4th and I’m writing a best of 2011 list that would more appropriately be composed in January – mea culpa.

This was an interesting year, as “EDM” (Christ I hate that acronym) cemented a footing in the mainstream consciousness – especially here in Albany, be it Dayglow, Deadmau5 or Foam Fest (ahem, Electric Flurry…). So, as the director of the electronic music department here at WCDB (somewhat confusingly titled RPM) I feel as if it is my duty to sift through all of the roughage, and somehow – in a year where Skrillex colloborated with the doors and Rihanna with Calvin Harris – present an accurate, unbiased snapshot of the scene’s state.

What follows is a top 20 list, the opinion of one man plain and simple. And while the pretentious, alt-rock kid inside of me wants to exclude every song known to more than ___ listeners, I have to admit: sometimes things get popular for a very good reason. And in case seeking out and giving attention to each of these songs individually is a daunting task, I’ve also included a mix (~45 minutes) that, I hope, captures the year: WCDB Top 20 by mr.kissner

It’s been a long one…
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