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Artist Spotlight – Patwa


This weeks artist spotlight features that represents two places close to my heart the boogie down Bronx and Jamaica. Check her out and let us know what you think.

Patwa (Formerly known as Trinity) was born on September 8, 1988 in the Bronx, New York, to Jamaican parents of Irish, Indian, and African-American descent. When Patwa was five, her parents divorced, and she was raised by her mother in the northern area of the Bronx. Patwa has also lived in Lawrenceville, Georgia where she attended high school and later college at Georgia State University.

Patwa always had a love for music. As a young girl, she recorded herself over tape decks, and studied the rhymes of TLC, Mase, and Biggie. Due to a love for basketball and spending a lot of time chasing athletic dreams, Patwa was unaware of her ability to rhyme seriously until she reached high school. In high school, Patwa spent many nights engaged in the process of making music at her cousin’s studio nearby. It was there that Patwa discovered her love for Hip-Hop. In 2006 Patwa gave up her dreams of being in the WNBA, and decided to pursue music.

Upon first embarking on her growth in rap, Patwa joined two rap groups but eventually left due to pressure that left her uneasy. Most people saw Patwa only as a pretty face and not as the artist she wanted to be. As a “female MC” she found that people wanted her to rap about getting guys for their money, sexual exploits or about being a gangster. Becoming disinterested and impatient with her success in music, Patwa instead focused on her studies at Georgia State University. Eventually she started drifting away from music thinking that she would instead pursue a career in law. In 2009, Patwa graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Political Science from Georgia State University and started studying to enter law school in the fall of 2010.

However, like her dreams with basketball diminished, her law dreams quickly began to diminish as well. After college, Patwa began working as an assistant for a law firm where she realized for once and for all that her real interests were in music. While keeping her day job at the firm, Patwa teamed up with her Manager Tru Ferguson of Higher Heights Entertainment in her hometown of the Bronx as well as producer and label mate, Danny Atoms, to put together her first solo project.

While recording her first album “Audition for Life,” Patwa stumbled upon her sound. She generally received a lot of positive feedback, but started to notice that more people gravitated towards her fusion of Hip-Hop and Reggae. She did a few more songs fusing the two worlds and realized she had found a sound in which she felt completely comfortable and confident. After recording a plethora of music in 2009 and early 2010, Patwa released her first official music video on September 20, 2010. World Star Hip Hop caught eye of Patwa’s video and quickly debuted Patwa as their Female Artist of the Week. Shortly after, Patwa garnished a lot of attention via online blogs and websites. The word about Patwa spread quickly with comparisons between her and Def Jam’s recording artist Shyne.

Patwa’s music speaks for itself. She brings intellect, wit, honesty and wordplay that other females as well as male contemporaries are all too willingly ready to compromise in pursuit of rap riches and fame. Her aim is to produce a reggae sound that Americans and others without a Caribbean heritage will be able to understand and appreciate, as well as a rap/hip-hop sound that Jamaicans and other Caribbean audiences will understand. Currently Patwa is working on a mixtape that is scheduled to be released at the end of October.

Artist Spotlight: Keys N Krates

The next big thing out of Toronto? I might be late on this one but f***k it, this s*!T is dope.

Dynamic Adam Tune on the drums, World Champion turntablist Jr‐Flo on turntables, and the eversoulful
Matisse on the keys are doing nothing short of “re‐inventing the remix.”
Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Keys N Krates combine live instrumentation, turntablism and live
sampling to remix existing pop music and samples from MGMT to Jay‐Z right before your eyes. Pushing
the envelope beyond the ideals of laptop‐centric remix culture, this unique trio changes the game by
bringing an explosive live analog presence to their sought‐after sound and performance.
The live re‐mix trio was featured in Urb Magazine’s “Next 100” issue and continue to receive countless
co‐signed features by Urb Magazine, Vapors Magazine, (AOL’s premiere music site), Beyond
Race Magazine, Evil Monito, Hip Hop Official, Format Magazine, Discobelle and more.
Sharing stages with Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, Questlove and Timbaland, KNK maintain a non‐stop tour
schedule throughout all of North America. The trio has recently taken their live re‐mix sound to the
studio crafting live compositions into signature recordings, slated to release new music mid 2010.

Artist Spotlight : First Class (Ace Gifted, Jo Biggs & Just)

First Class is a hip hop group composed of rapper Ace Gifted, Jo Biggs and producer Justin “JUST” Lindsay. The group was formed in late 2009 after the three collaborated on a mixtape(“Popular Demand”).
In 1998, Ace Gifted (A.J. Everett) and Jo Biggs (Jovar Bell) met in 7th grade at William S. Hackett Middle School in Albany,NY. When they entered Albany High School Biggs was already a part of a rap group which Ace would later join. Members of the group changed over time but the two remained. All members would eventually go solo in 2005. In mid 2006 Ace joined Kloq:worK Ent.(a montage of the most talented local artists,producers and engineers). Biggs would also join Kloq:worK Ent. in late 2006. At this time Justin “Just” Lindsay was the head of Kloq:worK Ent. This is where the three would first work together.
Together the three form First Class and aim to put Upstate New York into the eyes and ears of the mainstream media. First Class fits well into the main stream hip hop scene as they pave their own way. Their versatility allows them to make radio-friendly music while maintaining their status among today’s top lyricists.
In 2010, First Class signed with 1 Luv Music Group, they are currently working on their debut album (untitled) with their first single “Dont Blame Me”. DJ Iroc (Official DJ for Alicia Keys) stated, “…these boys got it! As far as I’m concerned I would put them up there with J. Cole, Jay Electronica and Drake!” Album scheduled to be released early 2011.

heres new music from the group, called “PUSH“. This is certified heat! It’s already made its way into our rotation, soon to become a favorite of yours.

Shout out to the homie DJ Show for putting me on.