New Single- Radiator Hospital’s “Weird Little Idea”

Philly-based Radiator Hospital released a new single last week in anticipation of their fourth album, Music For Daydreaming. This four-piece band let the lead singer, Sam Cook-Parrott, pilot this one. As shown in the music video, Sam is seen playing all of the instruments shown on the stage of a large and ethereal empty chapel. If the video is any indication of the upcoming LP, where Sam is seen dancing around and singing for the fun of it, this album make take on a calmer tone than ones prior.

Listen below:

01 “My Fire”
02 “Weird Little Idea”
03 “Alright Again”
04 “For Daydreamers Only”
05 “Personal Truth”
06 “Stories We Could Tell”
07 “Guitar”
08 “Cupid”
09 “Dark Sound”
10 “My New Chord”
11 “Corner Booth”
12 “I Never Dreamed”
13 “Hot Mess”
14 “Lit Up”

If they tour in your area, you might even get lucky enough to see Big Nothing or Swanning with ’em!

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