Song-A-Day: February 12

February 12 has some pretty notable birthdays on it, both musically with Ray Manzarek of The Doors being born on this day in 1939 and historically with Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin both being born on February 12, 1809. Our Song-A-Day today is going to go to a lesser known band from Pennsylvania named Cheers Elephant and their song “Party on Darwin”.

Hey yo!
Let me wash your windshield.

Spreading new ideas,
Like a Dog that barks at any-any-anyone.
A talking head,
With a voice that sounds like any-any-anyone’s.
It’s a Fish YEAH!
Then a Frog YEAH!
Then a Monkey they will all know.
So I monkey along when I’m singing.

Baa-bu-da-bu-da-bu da-ah-aaahhh

I feel like,
I’m too perfect lie,
I’m too perfect to cry.
Sometimes I feel like I’m a saviour.
Tryna slow down the beat.
But things are only getting crazier.
What am I? YEAH!
What are you? YEAH!
What lies ahead of you?
So I monkey along when I’m singing

Oh YEAH! Baa-bu-da-bu-da-bu-da

Oh YEAH! Baa-bu-da-bu-da-bu-da