DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Funny Song

New DJ Survey here! This time we asked our DJs what their favorite funny song was and got quite a large range of responses…

DJ XploRa: The Mountain Goats- “Plead Me to a Lesser Charge”

It’s a GG Allin cover, the original by him is “Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass“. I think this cover is hilarious.

DJ Luuk: Art Brut- “Moving to L.A.”

Art Brut’s songs always have a great conversational quality to them and this lends itself to some good, subtle comedy. “Moving to L.A.” is a song by them that made me laugh out loud several times when I listened to it, but it holds up musically as well!

“I’m considering a move to L.A.. Everything’s gonna be just fine, I hear the murder rate is in decline”

That lyric always made me laugh

Andrew from Keep Albany Boring: R. Kelly- “Pregnant” (Ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke, and The Dream)

DJ Trish: Andrew Jackson Jihad- “I Love You”

Gow Mosby: Kool Keith – “Hands On Experience Pt. II ft. Bobbito & What What”

DJ Zsa Zsa Couture: The Aquabats- “Fashion Zombies”

AND my favorite part of the song is during the spoken word segment that is a parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

DJ Ricky: The Hot 97 Morning Show: “Ratchet, Turn Up, Molly”

It makes a joke of these dumb topics that are constantly mentioned in hip hop and how a lot of songs end up sounding dumb and un-original.

Alex Seide: Flight of the Conchords- “Business Time” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room”

Also, The muppet movie: “Am I a man or am I a muppet” by Bret Mckenzie from flight of the conchords. (Actually won a Grammy for this song)

Ween: “piss up a rope” and “cover it with gas and set it on fire”

DJ Fat Man: Beck- “Mixed Bizness” and “Debra”

Nearly every track on Beck’s Midnight Vultures is hilarious, amazing, brilliant, etc.  But if I had to pick one, I’d choose these two:
“Mixed Bizness” –  This one can take your dance party to another level while making everyone at the party say, “Whhaaat?”  It almost doesn’t matter what Beck is saying because this track grooves so hard, but I do want to ride on the Baltic Sea and pour champagne on a honeybee.
“Debra” – This song is straight gold – laugh-out-loud funny right from the start, as Beck propositions Jenny from JC Penney (and her sister, Debra?)  Beck’s lyrics, screams and wails get me every time  In addition, this song’s opening guitar riff is exactly the saxophone lick from David Bowie’s “Win,” so that somehow factors in…
On second thought, “Debra” wins.  Here’s the proof.

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