Fleet Foxes

RIYL- Beirut, Bon Iver, Band of Horses

Fleet Foxes are a folk band from Seattle, Washington that originally formed under the name The Pineapples in 2006.  With two well received  albums and a few EPs under their belt, they are known to be one of the top modern day folk bands out there.  The band is fronted by Robin Pecknold and includes an array of instrumentalists that create a sound that is their own unlike sounding like the tons of folk bands out there.  Also, they feature great harmonies (as seen here) which is what really drew me to them.

If you have ever wanted to start listening to Fleet Foxes, now is a great time to start because they do not have a lot of work out there and it is rumored that they have another album coming out soon. To get you started, I have made a list of my favorite songs from their two albums Fleet Foxes and Helplessness Blues

10. “He Doesn’t Know Why” – Fleet Foxes

9. “Oliver James” – Fleet Foxes

8. “Montezuma” – Helplessness Blues

7. “The Plains / Bitter Dancer” – Helplessness Blues

6. “The Shrine / An Argument” – Helplessness Blues

5. “White Winter Hymnal” – Fleet Foxes

4. “Helplessness Blues” – Helplessness Blues

3. “Ragged Wood” – Fleet Foxes

2. “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” – Fleet Foxes

1. “Blue Ridge Mountains” – Fleet Foxes

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