The Lull Period for Music

This is a great time of the year for any music lover, but it’s not because of the new material that’s coming out. In a lot of ways December is the start of a lull period in music, as most music publications turn their attention away from the new releases and start to focus their attention upon re-visiting the ‘Bests’ and ‘Worsts’ of the year because A) it’s fun to do and B) people like to view lists. By the time December rolls around there isn’t enough time to fully absorb an album and place it correctly, and artists and labels have recognized this by now and know that this isn’t an ideal time to release an album. If the artist has devoted that much time to a product then you want to make sure that it gets viewed fairly, and that’s why there’s usually a lull in new music for December followed by an awesome January (hopefully!).

We’re going to hold off on doing album reviews for about a month so that we can focus our attention on other post ideas and make sure we don’t get caught ┬ácovering albums that don’t interest many people. The good news is that we will re-visit the interesting December releases once we pick up the project again in January, and by the time we’re doing that there should be a stockpile of intriguing albums to choose from. Thanks for hanging with us!