CD Review: The Pixies- EP1

2013 has hosted some really notable returns to music including My Bloody Valentine, Daft Punk, Boards of Canada and now the most recent one, the Pixies. So why is it that EP1 doesn’t sound like it fits in with the rest of that group? The answer is probably because of how it made more sense for the other groups to reform.

The Pixies announced in a good news/bad news fashion earlier this year that they were going to be releasing new material (there are more EPs to come) but that Kim Deal wouldn’t be continuing on with the band. With this news and the fact that it was the Pixies first new material in over a decade, it was hard to speculate how much the sound would change. My initial reaction to that question: a lot. Three of the four songs on EP1 show a more melodic Pixies, in a semi-similar sense to their track “Wave of Mutilation”, but they don’t feel as powerful as that track has the potential to. Rather, it feels like the Pixies playing a more traditional version of rock, which is decent to listen to but doesn’t do much for the sake of progressing their image.

I’d say that this is a case where the band is hurting itself by answering the itch to make new material. They’re well out of the prime of their careers at this point and the entire appeal of the pixies gets lost in this new material where the Pixies don’t shock anyone. It just doesn’t feel right so far, but we’ll see where they go from here.

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