DJ Survey: What’s Your Backup Department at WCDB?

All of our DJs have found their home at our station within a department that best fits their music tastes, but where would they be if that department wasn’t available to them? This DJ survey asks our students where they would be if they had to move to a new department in WCDB.

EnzoIf I had to be in a different department for WCDB, I would most definitely be in the hip-hop department. As much as I love my loud guitars and crazy drum fills, I really love me some clever rap lines over a classic boombat beat. Artists like MF Doom, NAS, Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ, Common, Tyler the Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt are always playing on my musical devices. Maybe some time in the future I’ll cover a hiphop show or something. I’d be really excited to do so!


RichI would join either Hip-hop or electronic since a lot of my shows feature tracks that incorporate elements from both and I would eventually like to explore both genres more deeply.


Martin: I’m not too sure… I’ve started to embrace alternative rock a bit more so I guess I would probably be in that department.


Kyle: I’d head to my second love in the Sports department. I know a good amount about the NFL, NBA and NCAAB and do a good job of staying unbiased if talking about them. I’ve done some halftime sports coverage on CDB before during our homecoming and NCAA tournament game coverage, but I don’t know if I’d be prepared to do a full show on the topic.


RobbyIf I was in a different department than the Alternative Rock Department, I would be a metal DJ, because that’s what I know the most. In my youth, I was pretty into it.

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