DJ Survey: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

This time around our DJs had to make a confession about who their guilty pleasure is, which brought out both some common and some not-so-common names getting mentioned. If you’ve got an artist of your own you’d call a guilty pleasure you can let us know who in the comments section below!

 Luuk: Joe Jackson

Sometimes I sing along to Joe Jackson songs in my car.

Corben: The Crash Test Dummies

MY guilty pleasure is definitely the Crash Test Dummies, a really great, underrated kind of cheesy band from the 90’s. They are kind of country, kind of poppy and something my parents listen to. Maybe not exactly a guilty pleasure because they have a pretty unique sound and are actually talented but some of the music is kind of quirky and fluffy pop.
It’s my jam

Noah: Fallout Boy

It makes no sense, their first album was great and it was all down hill from there. But for some reason I pretty much know every lyric to every song on every album. Who am I kidding, I’m Fall Out Boy’s #2 fan (some 14 year old girl is #1).


Nick Meyers

I try not to be too guilty about my pleasures, but I feel like my father would give me a weird look if he knew how often I listen to the album “God Help the Girl”. That and some of the more cutesy stuff I listen to. (Heavenly, Tiger Trap, Moving Pictures)


 Taco Party Box: Mariah Carey


Metal Tony: Korn

Yeah, I said it.


I’m a huge Mariah Carey and Beyonce fan.


The Wizard: The Monkees

My dad had their TV show on tapes that I grew up watching, and I still remember the lyrics to way to countless Monkees songs because of that. I was also a big fan of Taking Back Sunday, the All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy in high school.



Music that came from Long Island during the years 2000-2004.

 John Gentile: The All-American Rejects

My guilty pleasure (that I proudly flaunt) is All American Rejects. I hope that gives you hell. *ba doom tsk*

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