Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

“In a world dominated by Avicci and David Guetta, Daft Punk steps in once again to show us what we need to be hearing”

NOTE: This album releases worldwide May 20th.

Turn it off. Turn off the mindset of all the current trends, the music you currently like, and be ready to listen to something completely different. It’s electronic too, but nothing like you’ve heard in the past. I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece and superior to everything else, but rather blows you away in how radical the sound is. I truly believe a new standard has been created in the music space, and Daft Punk has once again innovated the world of electronic music.

Random Access Memories is Daft Punk’s celebratory comeback from the depths of experimental disco. Some of the tracks were just orchestrated beautifully, while others I didn’t care for. The beauty of this album is that everyone will find a favorite that differs from the person to his or her right, which calls for some heavy conversation on what songs are best off this LP. When I mean every track is vastly distinctive from the last, I mean it.

I’ll just get this out of the way first to we can dive in together with a clear mind. Get Lucky with Pharrell Williams was the “banger” of this release. Add some “he-hee” and you get an unreleased Michael Jackson single.  It was Daft Punk’s take at catchy retro-pop, and it was successful of being that “song you cannot get out of your head”. Personally I love it, but to the crowd that’s more critical of music everyone can enjoy, they might find it too “poppy” and destined for Number 1.  Perfectly valid though, Daft Punk has other things in store for them towards the end of the album like Touch with Paul Williams and Fragments of Time with Todd Edwards. Be mindful however, the album version of Get Lucky is much different than the Single.

Just a fair warning, there will be at least two songs off this release that you will passionately hate. That’s right, hate. If you are not an electronic enthusiast, tracks such as Instant Crush, Give Life Back To Music, and The Game of Love will just flat out sound weird to you. On the other hand, tracks like Beyond and Motherboard will arouse such emotions such as deep relaxation, contemplation and thought.

If you enjoy interviews or sound bites rolled into songs, Giorgio by Moroder is a chef-d’oeuvre of a track featuring an unreleased interview Italy’s sensational record producer and songwriter Giorgio. The closing track, entitled Contact, personally reminds me of childhood aspirations to be a famous astronaut, which was nice and put a smile on my face.

Lose Yourself To Dance was my personal favorite track. I couldn’t help dancing in my seat while writing the first paragraph to this very review because this song was playing on the Bose. My roommate and his girlfriend immediately looked up 30 seconds in, and asked me what this song was. My RA and neighbor came around to my open door to ask as well. A ballad that can bring random people together and cause conversation, laughs and a random good time is unique and special. Quick note, it features Pharrell Williams again, and is more like Get Lucky’s more mature brother.

To wrap this sucker up, it’s one hell of an album. I didn’t like every track, and neither will you. But the one’s you do like, you will absolutely love. Daft Punk is back, and they haven’t changed a bit, but rather evolved. It’s not perfect, but electronic needed this.

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