DJ Survey: What’s Your Favorite Summer Album

We’re in Finals week here at SUNY Albany, and with summer approaching we decided to check in with our DJs before they bolted to see which albums they think they’ll be playing during the upcoming months!

DJ Milky [Alt-Rock]- “DJ Milky’s Music Hour for Dumb Babies” Monday 4am-6am

I generally like listening to jangly stuff like the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Anything that would be a good soundtrack to riding a bike in shorts while drinking a slurpee.

Metal Tony [Metal]- “The Metal F’n Show” Saturday 10pm-midnight

For me, it would have to be For the Sake of Revenge by Sonata Arctica. The music is very upbeat, plus the live aspect of it reminds me that summer season is concert season.

DJ HEAT [Alt-Rock]- “Let the Good Times Roll” Monday 6pm-8pm

Jay Reatard Blood Visions: CRANK THAT with the windows down and you will feel like you drank 10 cups of coffee in a good way (R.I.P. Jay Reatard)

Bruce Springsteen – All 3 parts of the Live at Passaic bootleg from 1978. Also… I think “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen is the quintessential summer song

Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One

1 CURRENT song that is a definitely summer song is “Quotidian Beast” by Phosphorescent

Austin Powers [Hard Rock/Metal]- “The Point of No Return” Monday 10pm- midnight

The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl (vol. 1).  Great summer album!

Zsa Zsa Couture[Alt-Rock]- “The Adventures of Yolo Swaggins” Wednesday 4pm-6pm

My favorite summer album is prob gonna be Isles by Wild Belle since I’ve been anticipating it for a semester or so and it’s fabulous. I actually have an playlist called summer lovin’ and she’s all up in there.

Ricky [Hip-Hop]- “Renegade Radio Music Show” Thursday-Friday midnight-2am

Vacation– Bomb! the Music Industry

This album has the beauty of Pet Sounds packed with dynamite. The album is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off!

Kyle [Alt-Rock]- “Music and Medicine” Sunday 8pm-9pm

Animal Collective- Strawberry Jam and Merriweather Post Pavilion got played by me a ton over last summer, that’ll probably be true for me for the upcoming months too. Summer nights will bring out Spoon- Kill the Moonlight

Garret [Alt-Rock]- “Say Hay” Tuesday 10am-noon

My favorite summer album is Anthem by Less Than Jake.

Hillary Clinton [Alt-Rock]- “Putting the ROD in Rodham” Tuesday 8pm-10pm

The Tough Shits – The Tough Shits. One of my favorite albums for the summer time for the following purposes: driving around, sitting on the deck with a frosty beverage and for weaving tracks into a party playlist. It’s also a good album to turn on to drown out your shitty downstairs neighbors having fun; you can pretend you have friends over but sing by yourself. “WOW THIS KARAOKE PARTY IS SOOOOO FUN!” 

Robby Red [Alt-Rock]- “Radio Wavey” Friday 12pm-2pm

Writer’s Block by Peter, Bjorn and John will always be a summer album for me. I discovered it one summer long ago.

John Gentile [Electronic]- “The Perfect Mix With John Gentile” Friday 8pm-10pm

Wilco’s unusually country-ish album, Being There really appeals to me as being a solid summer album everyone can enjoy. While some tracks are laid back and mellow, some “boom in your face” and really get you enjoying the summer. Great stuff.

Enzy Penzy [Alt-Rock]- “Morning Glory” Thursday 10am-noon

So I don’t exactly have a summer album but from what I’ve recently been listening to …And It Shook Me by The Postelles and The Brightside by Aer  will most definitely be what I jam to over the next few months. Tunes to mega vibe to!

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