Creative Writing at WCDB

This segment is going to give our DJs a chance to post their creative writing on the blog. The only qualifiers for submissions were that the work had to be under 250 words and could be done in any format. Submissions were assumed anonymous unless they attached their name to the work. The first installment of this features four works by our DJs, read them after the jump!

I’m writing this without thinking really, an unconscious sort of stream I hope may someday flow into an ocean and give me the reassurance I need that writing these words is not a pointless task, that everything has meaning and we aren’t just wasting the days away with poor grammar and poor decisions and too many articles making a run-on sentence sounding like it was written by a 5th grader which was a time when anything was possible and it still is, I think.



There was a man who had spent his entire life leaving conversations with wise words so that they could work as his last if need be. This was a habit that lasted for twenty-nine years until the night he died, shot in the back alley of a laundromat late on a New York City night. His family never could learn the specifics about how that night played out, so they organized a previously orchestrated quote to engrave on his tombstone. These weren’t his final words though, those proved to be insignificant. In fact, he had a chance to fix this as there was a short pause before the trigger was pulled, the barrel resting against his temple, but he decided to keep quiet instead.



“Bright Eyes”

There is a difference;
One between you and I.
It is the hour in which
We choose to become alive.

You are wide awake
When it’s morning.
You are without shoes,
Strolling through the early tides.

You are present
In the sun’s afternoon glory.
You are whimsical;
Dancing on a summer night.

I am fast asleep
When it is morning.
I am a mess of blankets;
A mess that you left behind.

I am never present
For any sort of glory.
I am but a lone soul,
One that waits inside.

One that is waiting,
For any good reason,
To open these once bright eyes.

– Enzo Badia, inspired bythe Bright Eyes album I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning which went gold this past week, as well as a post on tumblr


Neutral Milk Hotel
Bursting back on the scene again
Need to clean my jeans


Thanks for reading!

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