Two LPs//One EP (No split this month)

It’s Yazen again, giving an update on some quality music dropping in May. This month is going to be a crazy month for Pop Punk, and I’m going to be discussing some new releases from The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, and Misser.

LP 1: The Wonder Years – The Greatest Generation. (Hopeless Records.)

The Wonder Years have been a massive name in Pop Punk since they released “The Upsides,” and their new album is proving to be their best. The band claims it’s the third part of a trilogy about growing up, and they’ve been building hype for it with a 24 hour record release tour, in-store performances, and they even auctioned a pre-order bundle and donated the proceeds to The One Fund – Boston. The three singles that have been released so far show signs of progression, with more vocal harmonies from Matt Brasch and Josh Martin, and some of Dan Campbell’s most personal lyrics.

Stream “Passing Through A Screen Door“, “Dismantling Summer” and “The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves“.

LP 2: Man Overboard – Heart Attack. (Rise Records.)

New Jersey’s Man Overboard went with a perfect trifecta for this album. Steve Klein (New Found Glory) as producer, Will Yip (Engineer: Balance and Composure, Citizen, Dead End Path) as engineer, and some of their best material to date. It sounds like they’re still writing sappy love songs, but they’re trying new things with Heart Attack, whether it’s guest vocals from Geoff Rickly (Thursday) or the fact that Ian Grushka (New Found Glory) played bass on one of the tracks.

Stream “White Lies” and “Open Season (Featuring Geoff Rickly” // Watch the music video for “Where I Left You“.

EP: Misser – Distancing. (Rise Records.)

When Brad Wiseman from This Time Next Year and Tim Landers from Transit started this side project, I knew it was going to be amazing. When they released “Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going to Be A Better Person” last year, I just wanted to hear more from them. With Torre Cioffi (Transit) and Mike Ambrose (Formerly of Set Your Goals) joining the lineup and this new EP being produced by Sam Pura (Panda Studios/The Waiting Room Sessions), all I can say is “This will not suck.”

Stream “Goddamn, Salad Days” and “Burn Out“.

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