Albany Sonic Arts Collective — UAG Benefit

uag benefit

The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is holding their second annual benefit show for the Upstate Artist Guild. The show is going to run all day Saturday (today), starting at 4 and going until late. It features a long list of performers:

Fossils From The Sun

Matt Weston

Grab-Ass Cowboys


Sun Burdens

Blacklight Lighthouse

Tiki Bats



World Lines

Crank Sturgeon

Crank Sturgeon is headlining the show. When he played a few months ago at the UAG it was a brilliant mix of noise, ipod karaoke, cosmetology, caricature drawing, and all around madness. It was really something to see, and I highly recommend catching him. You can see a clip of that last show below.

Over the past few years the Upstate Artist Guild has provided a space for some of the coolest shows in the area including:

Thurston Moore & Bill Nace, Robedoor, Pochaunted

John Olsen of Wolf Eyes, PAN Records head Bill Kouligas

Jason Lescalleet

Ben Miller of Destroy All Monsters

Pauline Oliveros

Hair Police

Eli Keszler

The UAG is a really great thing to have here an Albany—come out and suport it.

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