Andrew’s first quarter report

first report
It’s April and we are a bit more then a quarter of the way through the year. Here are some records that I’ve liked and some more that I am looking forward to.

2 Mounts — Sycamore (further)


Prostitutes — Crushed Interior

Clay Wilson

Maxmillion Dunbar

Them Use Them — Mesh The Mute

Alter Eagle — Nightrunners Cass. w/ remixes (Crash Symbols)

Borland – Thrancis

Things I’m looking forward to:
The Smoke Clears – Listen

Rambutan — Inverted Summer (Fabrica Records)

Proximal (Tape Drift)

Mike Parker — Lustrations (Prologue)

Coin — Stilled (Opal Tapes)
This is all ready out, however I am really hoping someone in the States gets this in so I can order it from them.

Rashad Becker – Traditional Music Of Notional

John Roberts – Fences

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