Oberhofer- Notalgia EP

One of the best parts of being involved with the radio station is that you get exposure to bands that you wouldn’t have heard about before. The best example of this is Oberhofer, a band from Brooklyn who released their debut album Time Capsules II last March and quickly became a favorite at our station and on the CMJ charts. Back when it arrived at CDB I remember choosing to review it based upon the marketing label on the front that described it as indie pop and listed the major festivals they were booked to perform at, and within a calendar year they would be performing in Albany for both Pearl Palooza and as the second headliner for our station’s 35th birthday anniversary.

Time Capsules II was instantly accessible and consistent, and I wrote about it on this blog naming it my favorite album that came out last March and my 5th favorite album of last year. Still there were some complaints that I’d routinely make about the band’s style despite loving the album, which is well summed up by my quote in the second link of how “Oberhofer has to find a way to keep the pop sensibility without whistling, playing the xylophone, and singing “oooo”‘s in every song; they have to progress to more meaningful songs”. And that’s where the Notalgia EP comes in to play.

Notalgia is the first release by Oberhofer since Time Capsules II and is a 5 track EP with one of them being an interlude, a short sample but hinting towards the perfect next step for the band. There’s no reliance on “ooo” segments, whistling, or xylophones present. Oberhofer doesn’t try to resort to pop tricks nearly as much here as they can capture your attention without those elements. It goes beyond this too, as the songs appear to be more meaningful in this EP than what we saw on the debut album as we progress from songs about driving on FDR and calling the landline. Nostalgia shows the band applying it’s immense indie pop talent towards more serious subjects, and gives you an entirely new reason to become excited about this group’s future.

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