One LP//Two EPs (One’s a Split)

Yazen, here. This is the first posting in a monthly column where I discuss an upcoming full-length LP, an EP, and a Split for the current month. This month, I’m looking into Daylight’s debut LP “Jar,” For Today’s new EP “Prevailer,” and the upcoming Title Fight/Touché Amoré split 7 inch.

LP: Daylight – Jar. (Run For Cover Records.)

  • Since they put out their EP “The Difference In Good and Bad Dreams,” Daylight has been making their presence known with a sound that blends Punk and Emo influences in one package. Their most recent tour with Balance and Composure also helped get their name out to a wider audience. The new record “Jar” was produced by Will Yip, who has worked with bands like Title Fight, Blacklisted, and The Mongoloids; this new record promises to be Daylight’s best material yet, and I couldn’t be more excited for another record that’s due this month.

Watch the music video for “In On It.” // Stream “Jar” on RFC’s Bandcamp.

EP: For Today – Prevailer. (Razor & Tie Records.)

  • For Today has been well known since their 2010 LP “Breaker,” and have been building off of that momentum with their new EP “Prevailer.” With some of the most technical work ever written for a metalcore record and lyrics of religion and redemption, For Today’s new EP delivers with more melodic parts without compromising their heaviness. Along with 4 new songs, there is an acoustic version of “Fearless,” the main single off of their LP “Immortal,” which is a nice change of pace for the band. This EP is everything you’d expect from For Today, and much more.

Watch the music video for “Flesh and Blood” on YouTube.

Split: Title Fight/Touché Amoré – Split. (Sea Legs records.)

  • Two post-hardcore powerhouses are releasing a split 7 inch on Record Store Day, which is basically them covering one of each other’s songs; Title Fight’s covering “Face Ghost” (off of Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me,) and Touché Amoré is covering “Crescent Shaped Depression” (off of Shed.) Based on clips from both covers, it seems like both bands added their own style to each cover, making each song their own. Both bands are known for touring with each other every chance they get, and it’s great to hear their own take on each other’s songs. If there’s one record I recommend you to buy on Record Store Day, it’s this split.

Stream clips from both covers on Sea Legs Records’ Soundcloud.

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