Public speaking + 1983 + Tiki bats


The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is bringing Jason Anthony Harris, known as Public Speaking, to the Upstate Artist Guild Wednesday April 3rd.

Harris makes songs out of little pieces of sound that he coaxes into beats which then mingle together with horns, guitars, and other orchestration. It is his voice that glues all of these pieces together transforming these sounds into something closing in on the sublime. Check out “Funny You Ask” (below) it’s really great.

1983 is an alias of Jason Cosco, who has played live on WCDB before as part of Grab Ass Cowboys. Cosco makes harsh dark pieces—the audio equivalent of course sandpaper—in the best possible way that is.

Tiki bats bring the heat with their danceable chaos. They meld punk, industrial, noise, and what ever else together to get something, that on somedays, you might be able to dance to.

It should be an awesome show. You can get more info at the Albany Sonic Arts Collective website

Facebook event.