Nicole’s 10 Albums You Missed Out On This Year

Since I’ve already posted my ‘Best Albums of 2012’ list on my own website, here’s something different; a list of albums from my ‘best of 2012’ list that no one else has played on WCDB (albums that one or two other people have played are denoted with a *). These are albums I thought were really great, but never saw any airplay at WCDB because we never got the physical CDs into the station. Maybe some of these albums you haven’t yet heard either? Listen below..

Merchandise – Children of Desire (Katorga Works, released April 4)
#1 on my best albums of 2012 list
This is my absolute favorite thing that came out this year. It’s fucking incredible. Merchandise played in a warehouse space during CMJ (alongside Metz, DIIV, Holy Other, Death Grips + more), which was also one of the top live sets I’ve seen this year. I first heard the second track off of the album “Time” played on 89.1FM WNYU (New York University’s college radio station) last spring and I have been listening to the album on repeat ever since. It took Pitchfork a few months after the albums was released to catch on, perhaps it is just taking a bit longer to catch on at WCDB as well? The album is downloadable for free (along with their entire discography) on their website. I’m trying to bring them to Albany in June so I hope you listen to it and I hope you like it.

Eternal Summers – Correct Behavior (Kainine Records, released July 24)
#6 on my best albums of 2012 list

Same label that put out BRAIDS, Young Prisms, the first Grizzly Bear album, and a bunch of other really awesome stuff.

John Maus – A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material (Ribbon, released July 17)
#10 on my best albums of 2012 list

A ton of people this year have played tracks off of his last album, We Will Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves (which was my #1 album of 2011), but no one has yet to play a track off of this one. It is as the title says, more of an anthology and/or reissue, but I’ll count it.

DIIV – Oshin (Captured Tracks, June 26) *Noah and Jackie also played this, but it counts because that’s totally not enough people playing this. This album is incredible.
#5 on my best albums of 2012 list
We (Jackie, Noah, and I) first saw DIIV open for Frankie Rose at Valentine’s on May 5th and instantly fell in love. Then had to wait another two months to hear any recorded music. Oshin is their first album. I saw them another two times at CMJ. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. LISTEN

Violens – True (Slumberland, released May 15)
#17 on my best albums of 2012 list

Same record label as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Echo Lake, Frankie Rose, Crystal Stilts, etc — and likewise this album is just as dreamy.

Sun Burdens – Sun Burdens (self-released, June 13) *
#9 on my best albums of 2012 list

Favorite local album of the year. Sometimes I listen to this and forget/can’t believe it came out of Albany. Free album download here.

Hospitality – Hospitality (Merge Records, released January 21) *
#14 on my best albums of 2012 list
I first saw them play in the half-crowded dark back room of Public Assembly mid-afternoon during the last day or two of CMJ 2011. I’ve been looking forward to this release ever since.

Mirroring – Foreign Body (Kranky, released March 19)
#20 on my best albums of 2012 list

Mirroring is a collaboration between Liz Harris of Grouper and Jesy Forentino of Tiny Vipers. It’s not for everyone and with the exception of the second track, not that suitable for radio airplay either (unless you’re doing an ambient/drone show), so it’s understandable why this album hasn’t seen any spins yet.

Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life (Kainine Records, released February 7)
#30 on my best albums of 2012 list

Former members of Thee Oh Sees & Ty Segall, also out on Kainine Records. Stream the entire album here.

John Talabot – ƒIN (Permanent Vacation, released February 14)
#18 on my best albums of 2012 list

I can’t take all the credit for this last one. After months of listening to tracks off this album being played in my living room, I finally asked Andrew White what it was. It was John Talabot’s debut album ƒIN.

View my complete Best Albums of 2012 list here

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