DJ Survey: What is a song you hate by a band you love?

Everybody’s got one. You all but worship  Radiohead’s discography, but HATE the song Creep. Maybe you’re the only one who feels this way but you GOTTA LET IT OUT!

Here are some of the songs our DJs want to love but have to hate:

Kyle – alt rock: “One Touch” by LCD Soundsystem.

          *Music and Medicine* Sunday 8-10pm

Robby Red – alt-rock: “Black Shampoo” by the Wu Tang Clan is one of the worst songs ever.
It’s off the album Wu Tang Forever, and is a solo track by U-God. I think U-God’s a decent rapper but this must have been one of those “U-God Leaves the Wu-Tang” moments; what was he thinking? . The song’s about coming home after a hard day of work and all the wonderful things that go along with shampooing your hair. It’s extremely silly. “Massage, peppermint oil, shampoo and pears, cinnamon, aloe, natural for you hair”

          *Radio Wavey* Friday 12-2pm

HEAT – alt rock: “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths.
I love that band but that song is THE PITS.

          *Let the Good Times Roll* Monday 6-8pm

Mr. Kissner – RPM: “Beyond the Sunrise” by Belle and Sebastian.
I believe it’s the number one reason that the album got such middling reviews from critics. Honorable mentions: “La La La” by Lil Wayne and “thhheee pppppartyy” by Justice.

             *Diamonds & Bass* (with General Kornwalis) Wednesday 10pm-12am

Sam – alt-rock: “Tennessee” by Paper Route.

          *The Things British People Say* Wednesday 10am-12pm

Noah – alt-rock: “Lover I Don’t Have to Love” by Bright Eyes.
This song just doesn’t sit right with me, it half reminds me of some sort of twilight fan fiction movie (or vampire porn). It seems infantile coming from such a strong lyricist, especially since the rest of “Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground” seems to fit together like a puzzle. A piece of imperfection among excellence.

          *ALTbany* Tuesday 10pm-12am

Brian – alt-rock: “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam.

          *The Every Villain is Lemons Show* Sunday 3am-5am

Leon – alt-rock: “A Man needs a Maid” by Neil Young.
This is off Harvest, which is such an absolutely slammin’ album. Though it is an absorbing strings / piano driven track, his brooding, selfish attitude and lack of guitar work always turns me off. The worst part is that Young is in this cache of classic artists where it’s really verboten to talk down about any track of his. Young fans live in denial about this one. With the near perfection of the other tracks on this album, it really hurts every time this comes on and I just gotta hit NEXT.

          *Triple Black* Occasionally Monday 5am-6am

Lisa – alt-rock: As much as I love Kid Cudi I can’t stand his song “Ghost“.
I can listen to it occasionally but most of the time it’s just too whiny for me.

          *Automatic Stop* Monday 12-2pm

John Gentile – RPM: “Time To Pretend” by MGMT.
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love MGMT, but TTP irks me the wrong way.

          *The Perfect Mix with John Gentile* Friday 10am-12pm

Mike – alt-rock: “Drunk Girls” by LCD Soundsystem.
You know that song “Girls” by Beastie Boys? “Drunk Girls” is the shitty version of that song.

          *Fantastic Planet* ~ show time TBD in 2013

If you managed to get through this whole list –  have a break, go to the spa, take a sabbatical…drink heavily. You’ll be relieved to see our next survey.

Next Time: What is the *best* album opener of all time?

2 thoughts on “DJ Survey: What is a song you hate by a band you love?”

  1. I knew it before it got posted, but me and Mike going with back to back tracks off This Is Happening is pretty cool. My other answer to this was Popular by Nada Surf

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