Tame Impala


Band: Tame Impala

Album: Lonerism

Label: Modular Recordings

The Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala is back with their second album, two years after their previous release of Innerspeaker.  Their unique sound of psych guitar riffs and echoing vocals brings a style of old school  meets new.  A modern album that would appeal to fans of the Pink Floyd and late 60’s early 70’s rock era, but with a fresh dreamy take.  Singer and songwriter, Kevin Parker, brings a haunting voice similar to John Lennon–and when I say similar I mean a straight reincarnation.  Tracks such as “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” and “Be Above It” give off Beatles inspired vibes, while “Elephant” and “Mind Mischief” delivers a heavier “stoner rock” feel.  The 57 second track “She Just Won’t Believe Me” even reminds me of a lighter version to Ozzy Osbournes’s intro in “Mr. Crowley.”

As a whole the album really reflects the mindset of Parker at the time of its creation, a majority of it being written by himself at his home in Perth, Australia.  Lyrics that expose a sense of loneliness and vulnerability, but at the same time blends with catchy hooks, heavy bass guitar, and upbeat drums.  Lonerism has a song for any sort of rock fan, whether you’re in a mellow mood or ready for some distorted riffs.  I would easily declare it one of the top albums of 2012.  Tame Impala proves that psych rock is here to stay and is just as good as the classics.

Favorite Tracks

“Be Above It”

“Why Won’t They Talk To Me?”

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”

“Mind Mischief”

“Elephant”- Check out the video here

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