KC ‘s take on CMJ

Hey all. No better time than before the power goes out to draft out a quick blog post right?

I went down to the city for CMJ a couple weeks ago with the hopes of learning something. Pretty simple goal and as you can imagine, I met it with ease. I was really excited about the fact that music industry types would be flocking to NYU to shed some light on their day-to-day experiences working in music. As someone who hopes to pay my bills with a job relative to the music industry, it’s safe to say that I got more out of the panels than some. I took notes, I asked questions, I gave out business cards.

I attended several panels during the week, and my favorite talked about a day in the life of a modern career DJ (which was the only of the three to talk about college radio specifically) and also one focused on how art galleries are creating a hybrid venue for shows these days.

The panels, in my experience, were what separated CMJ from other festivals I’ve attended. Otherwise, CMJ is just like any other week in the already event-saturated city. The schedule for the week was packed and it was more realistic to accept that you’re going to stick to a neighborhood and enjoy 10% of what is actually offered as part of CMJ. It’s just not realistic to go from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Brooklyn in a night, though that may be where ideally the music would lead. Given the opportunity, I would definitely attend again. I will say, a “full” CMJ experience is for the ambitious and the perhaps unemployed.

You can check out my formal recap over on Beatport News.

Tame Impala


Band: Tame Impala

Album: Lonerism

Label: Modular Recordings

The Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala is back with their second album, two years after their previous release of Innerspeaker.  Their unique sound of psych guitar riffs and echoing vocals brings a style of old school  meets new.  A modern album that would appeal to fans of the Pink Floyd and late 60’s early 70’s rock era, but with a fresh dreamy take.  Singer and songwriter, Kevin Parker, brings a haunting voice similar to John Lennon–and when I say similar I mean a straight reincarnation.  Tracks such as “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” and “Be Above It” give off Beatles inspired vibes, while “Elephant” and “Mind Mischief” delivers a heavier “stoner rock” feel.  The 57 second track “She Just Won’t Believe Me” even reminds me of a lighter version to Ozzy Osbournes’s intro in “Mr. Crowley.”
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