DJ Survey: What artist(s) inspired your current taste in music?

Pondering what terrible/magnificent force brought our DJs into the station with a desire to share their playlists is always an interesting train of thought. Regardless of the time spent considering this, the only way to know is to ask! Here are some of our DJs sounding off on the prompt:

What artist really “got you into music”?

(Click the DJ’s name to view their DJ Profile, learn weird things about them, and see all their past shows’ playlists)

Robby Redalt rock: My favorite band is Judas Priest. They are not particularly conducive to the alternative rock format of my show, but are still my favorite. Judas Priest was one of the earliest metal bands to have two guitar players and it sounds fantastic.

          *Radio Wavey* Friday 12-2pm

Joe Alicatanews: My parents more than any artist, but if I had to pick it would probably be The Police or Pink Floyd.

          *The Lowdown* Sunday 12-2pm

Lisaalt rock: There were many artists but particularly listening to White Rabbits gave me the plunge into the current alternative indie rock scene, and inspired me to explore similar bands.

         *Automatic Stop* Monday 12-2pm

Noahalt rock: When I was in Middle School and early High School I was deep into the Long Island (as well as other areas) pop-punk scene(s). It wasn’t until college that I heard WHY?. Yoni’s (WHY?’s front-man and brainchild) lyrics and the style in which he utters them is like a woody Allen film in song form. Coming from an anxious Jew, I can totally relate.

          *ALTbany* Tuesday 10pm-12am

Luukalt rock: The Who, truly one of the most diverse rock bands of all time. They started off as a great Brit-pop and ended up as a bunch of bad ass long haired American rockers.

          *Bikini Girls with Machine Guns* Monday 2-4pm

John GentileRPM: When I first got exposed to Passion Pit everything changed for me. I was like this guy…isn’t fantastic but it’s all just orchestrated in an addicting awesome way!

          *The Perfect Mix with John Gentile* Friday 10am-12pm

Kylealt rock: My favorite artist, Modest Mouse, although I didn’t become obsessed with them over “Float On” but  “Missed the Boat”. It came on in an episode of Scrubs near the end of my sophomore year in high school and it lead me to listen to their discography and any other artist they drew comparisons to.

          *Music and Medicine* Sunday 8-10pm

Mr. KissnerRPM: Brother Suarez. ‘Nuff said. Quote that shit.

          *Diamonds & Bass* (with General Kornwalis) Wednesday 10pm-12am

DJ JKushalt rock: Bright Eyes. When I was in middle school I got my hands on my first bright eyes CD. I then realized than unlike music on the radio or even some pop-punk I was getting into at the time, This guy was saying exactly what I was feeling with a haunting voice to match. Middle School was a great time for me to discover such bands to match the shitty awkward existence that was 8th grade Jason Kushner.

          *The Feel Good Revolution* Sunday 10pm-12am

Melissaalt rock: Saves The Day was probably the first alternative band I got into thanks to my older sister playing them constantly during car rides. I was never much into punk but each of their albums has a different sound than the last, my favorite being In Reverie and the most nostalgic being Through Being Cool, which I obviously was in those wear-all-black-&-have-a-hideous-short-haircut days. Saosin and more so Circa Survive are also major influences in my tastes now, hence the name of my show.  Layers, fullness, and variations in light and heavy sound are what I like best.

          *In the Morning and Amazing* Wednesday 6-8pm

Morgan Freeman’s Voice – alt rockBlink-182, Eminem and No Doubt, Holler~

          *Morgan Freeman’s Voice* Tuesday 12-2pm

DJ Nanobotalt rock: To be brief, I believe in my heart of hearts that the reason why the humyn race evolved the way it did was to produce the Baltimore, MD band Lungfish. The Lungfish band affects me like no other band has- I can listen to any one of their albums on repeat without getting bored. They have no “bad” or “throwaway” songs in their entire catalog. Their sound is bass-driven, with the singer, Daniel Higgs echoing ghostly priestly benedictions, sacred truths, and mantras over repetitive guitar riffs.

Lungfish is a high water mark to which I compare all new music I hear because I have precisely identified the parts about music in general which move me, and Lungfish exemplifies these crystallizations. Thus, deciding whether a song or artist moves me is often as easy as holding it up to that standard, allowing Lungfish to obliterate it, and seeing where the debris lands.

          *Condensed Matter Order of Magnitude More Power Show* Tuesday 2-4pm

HEATalt rock: Sleater-Kinney: guitar riffs heaven, intense vocals and lyrics, wild drums, one of the main bands that inspired me to play music! Creedence Clearwater Revival: always part of the soundtrack to barbeques, holidays, and general gatherings growing up. I love the dirty sound they had in the 60s and his guitar tone is one of my favorites. Shellac: when I first started going to local shows in my hometown, a local band called The Mooch covered Shellac’s 12 minute song “Didn’t We Deserve A Look At The Way You Really Are” in response to annoying party attendees and it went over fantastically terrible

*Let the Good Times Roll* Monday 6-8pm


Hearing from everyone was GREAT! A lot of the responses received were totally expected and some of them totally weren’t. Keep an eye out for a possible elaboration from DJ Nanobot on the reason for humanity…!

Next Time: Name a song you hate by an artist you love.

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