ALBUM: Heat Waves

LABEL: Tender Loving Empire Records

RELEASE DATE: October 2, 2012

This experimental pop trio reigns from good ole Portland, OR and are here to make you feel good. These songs were created to make you move. The guitar riffs and intricate, driving percussion make this band interesting and fun to listen to. I seriously cannot get enough of the drumming on this album! Listen closely; Drummer and Vocalist Adam Baz is working hard behind the set. I describe his drumming as “intricate” because he keeps it varied and spontaneously controlled.

Some songs use unusual time signatures for this kind of music (7/8) specifically Tracks 6 & 7, “Word Up” & “Upward”. “Upward” is a rambunctious instrumental for you to shake it. My personal favorites are Track 8, “The Crown Caves In” and Track 2, “Beast in the Sky” for the way they make me dance in my seat.

They have a new music video out (REMEMBER THOSE?!) on IFC: CLICK HERE FOR THAT

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