Show Review & Interview: See You Next Year

See You Next Year:

Sue Diaz- Lead Vocals/ Guitar

Brian Supple- Bass

Chris Jones- Vocals

Jose Nunez- Guitar

Caiti Dole- Drums

See You Next Year is a local Albany band, and a long time favorite of mine.  They were the headliner at a show this past weekend at a local venue. I’m going to cut to the chase; See You Next Year no longer has their lead singer, Ben. When I heard this I didn’t know what to expect from the band. I was told that they replaced him with two people; a singer and a guitarist.  And if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, they also replaced the drummer.
As a huge fan of the original four part set up, I was speechless. SYNY is now a five piece with two of the three new members never having been in a band before. As if that wasn’t enough to cause a fan to stop at the door, they had only been practicing together for 3 weeks. A little piece of me died inside when I heard this, but my sheer curiosity got me through the door and kept me around to hear the new SYNY. At this point I figured I would be writing a piece where I was overcome with nostalgia, wishing the original band had never separated and debating if I would still play their music on my show. Continue reading Show Review & Interview: See You Next Year