Album of the Month, May: Beach House- Bloom

I enjoyed a few releases in May before bolting out of CDB, among them being Reptar – Body Faucet and Best Coast- The Only Place, but as all the summer albums arrived one of them stood out as an album that could succeed in any season.

Beach House’s new album impressed me from the moment I opened it, and everything lied in the small details. The fact that the bumps on the front of the album are actually there rather than a visual effect. The fact that the lyrics are attached to the spine inside the CD as a weathered book. The stuff doesn’t have bearings on the actual music, but after opening hundreds of cds in the last year I’ve grown to be more appreciative of instances where it’s obvious the artist put a lot of thought into the final product. (Although interestingly, the two finest examples of this this year are this album and Fear Fun by Father John Misty, neither of which fit on our CD shelf because the CD cases are to wide).

I like Bloom because it’s paced, thoughtful, and versatile. It works as summer pop but it’s not limited to it like the Reptar and Best Coast CDs are bound to be. This album has the staying power to be relaxing whenever and where ever, and that’s going to make it very significant when people are making best album lists at the end of the year. They’re the alternative band of the moment in terms of the reviews they’re receiving and the shows they’re performing, and you have to respect the product that got them there.

Track Suggestions:

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