Album of the Month, March: Oberhofer- Time Capsules II

Oberhofer’s a band  from Brooklyn that got named after it’s lead singer, Brad Oberhofer, and they released their debut album Time Capsules II  officially on March 27th. Fortunately we got it into WCDB a while ago now, so many of the songs have already been drilled into my head with fun and catchy melodies. It’s not like the sound is unprecedented , whistling in indie music happens frequently and has become pretty cheap, while syllabic elongation/meaningless choruses are widely accepted(at least in Indie Pop). The track names look like text messages and the singer’s voice isn’t natural either, as he stresses each syllable while altering pronunciations(though I actually enjoy his approach a lot). So what makes this album different and actually substantial?

It seems like there’s definitely some intent in there to make the album likable, but there’s also some heartfelt and good lyrics that convey the emotion of the music well. The album’s opening lines of “I don’t know what you think while you’re sleeping, I hope soon I’ll dream with you.” kind of sum up what you’re going to hear throughout. It’s certainly not masterful, but it saves the project from being meaningless pop and makes it a damn good album rather than some damn good filler. There are still points where the band becomes lazy(“Call the landline, oh the land line, oh the land li-li-li-la-la-la, oh the landline, oh the landline ooo”), but those are more easily acceptable given their surroundings, especially since the songs are so enjoyable.

Give the album a listen and you’ll find numerous songs getting stuck in your head, just brace yourself for a lot of xylophone appearances in the process.

Track Suggestions(Album’s just released, hard to find links to current versions of songs but you can find them by request on WCDB!):


Away Frm U(Live on Letterman)

oOoO(Old version of the song)

4 thoughts on “Album of the Month, March: Oberhofer- Time Capsules II”

    1. Agreed, and I would have pretty much settled for any video that had a Time Capusles II version of the song. I keep on waiting for this album to explode but I’m not seeing it much, maybe now that it’s officially released it’ll get more publicity.

      Also, I just realized that my last two AOTM posts have the wrong tags on them, guess that’s what I get for being lazy and copying previous posts!

  1. I just noticed that too haha I’ll fix them now.

    And I actually skipped over this album when choosing rotation but I won’t anymore

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