Local Limelight: My Favorite Fence


Christopher Banach: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Kyle Sunderland: Guitar/Vocals/Keys
Benjamin Knowles: Drums/Vocals
Brendon Lachance: Bass guitar

My Favorite Fence is an alternative rock band that has a laid back groove to their music. They can often be found playing at local venues and playing alongside other acts similar to their sound such as The Pistolwhips, another local band. Not only is their music something to be enjoyed through your speakers via their demo, but live, these guys always bring energy to the stage. When they play, especially in intimate settings, they make you feel as if they are putting on a show for your ears only. Their harmonic vocals and exuberant instrumentals resonate through your body and connect you to the band in a way that many try and few actually succeed at doing.

You can check them out at http://www.facebook.com/myfavoritefence to hear more of their music, see where they’re playing next and leave them some love on their wall.

How long have you guys been together?
We have been friends for over 6 years, but we have been playing together for a year or so. We all grew up in Connecticut and it was a coincidence that we all ended up in Albany.
How long have you each been playing your respected instrument?
Kyle: 3 years on the keyboard but I’ve been singing since elementary school.
Chris: I’ve been playing guitar since 6th grade and have been singing since I was a little boy.
Ben: I have been playing drums since 4th grade.
Brendon: I’ve been playing bass since 8th grade.

What would you say are some of your influences?
Kyle: Personally, Ben Gibbard, Death Cab, Get Up Kids, and The New Amsterdams. For the band I’d say Foster the People, Kevin Devine, Tom Petty and The Fleet Foxes.
Chris: For me, Simon and Garfunkel, their harmonies have been very important to my musical development, but other than that, I’d say Coldplay. They proved that people don’t have to be virtuosos on any one instrument to collectively sound amazing as a band. I think for My Favorite Fence; The Decemberists, Pheonix and Arcade Fire have all helped to shape the way we sound.
Ben: I grew up listening to Under Oath and Norma Jean. As far as what I’m listening to, I would go with Broken Social Scene, Me Without You, My Morning Jacket and Piebald.
Brendon: The bands that I grew up listening to that really shaped who I am musically are Mega Death and Yngwie Malmsteen. For the band, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles have had a huge impact on our sound.

How would you describe the sound of My Favorite Fence?
We like to say we have an “instinctual groove”. If our CD was on the shelf, we’d like to think that it would be next to something like Arcade Fire or The Shins.

What would you say some of the strengths of My Favorite Fence are?
Chemistry. We were all friends first growing up together in Connecticut and that made it easy to put our egos aside. We are so comfortable with each other that we are able to bounce ideas off of one another and give feed back without taking it personally, and understanding that we’re all looking out for the good of the band. So in that sense, we are able to talk through issues and get them resolved without feelings or personalities getting in the way of success.

What would you say are some weaknesses of My Favorite Fence?
We wouldn’t say that it’s so much a weakness as something that we are dealing with, but we all have completely different schedules. But in a way, it’s a reaffirmation to the group, it shows that one, we are all good at communicating with each other and keeping everyone on the same page, and two, that since we all put in the time and effort to deal with the scheduling conflicts, that we all believe that we have a shot as a group which is really reassuring especially when things get frustrating.

Where is your favorite place to perform?
We all really like performing at Hudson River Coffee House. We like to perform in intimate settings and that place allows us to do that with a really warm atmosphere that seems to come naturally with the crowd it draws.

What makes My Favorite Fence stand apart from all of the other local talent in the area?
We like to think our chemistry that has stemmed from a 6 year friendship is really what sets us apart. We all know each other so well and we have such a long history, it really comes across not only in the way we perform, but the way we record, write, and even design merchandise for the band. We also think that we are able to translate our thoughts in a way that is individualist of other bands in the area. We haven’t really heard too many other bands and thought that we sounded the same. Stylistically we are literally different than most other bands in the area.

What are some local bands that you guys enjoy going to shows to see?
We love The Pistolwhips, Of Fortune and Fame. Charmboy, The City Never Sleeps and Ben Karis Nix.

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