Album of the Month, February: Of Montreal- Paralytic Stalks

For January my favorite album was Paralytic Stalks by of Montreal, a band that’s actually from Georgia but is named after a girl lead singer Kevin Barnes used to be with that was “of Montreal”…  When I first tried to get into the band many of their earlier works frustrated me with annoyingly frank and simple concepts (Tim I wish you were born a girl immediately comes to mind), but this certainly isn’t the case with Paralytic Stalks. 

In their latest release they take a chaotic approach to send the messages out there, but still present them in a way that ends up being very enjoyable. It’s a bit like the effect where people thought following along with Inception was a lot more difficult than it really was, in that there’s a ton of sounds and stories getting thrown at you but you’re still able to hear the melodies and understand the purpose of them within the context of everything else occurring.

That’s where the album is great, how it tiptoes the line between dissolving into it’s own chaos and being a pop album. How they can make the repetition of “There’s blood in my hair” a singalong note in my favorite track of the year so far, “We Will Commit Wolf Murder”. The beginning of the album is amazing(tracks 1-6) and it admittedly dies off a bit towards the end, but it’s still easily the second best album that Barnes has released with Of Montreal in my view behind Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?. If you hear it on WCDB be happy to because it’s a difficult album to play in terms of having it fit with other tracks and finding clean versions of the songs to play!

Track Suggestions:

We Will Commit Wolf Murder

Dour Percentage

Spiteful Intervention

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