Album of the Month, January: Cloud Nothings- Attack on Memory

First off, congratulations to the New York Giants for winning another Super Bowl, you guys represented the lesser of two evils so I’m glad you won. That being said, let’s begin the process of me forgetting that game ever happened so I can live in a world where the Jets are still considered good (I miss last year).

Last semester I had a weekly column where I posted reviews for CDs I listened to at WCDB, but this semester I’m a lot busier and can’t quite make that commitment again. I do want to continue being a contributor to the blog though, and because of this I decided my new segment will be choosing my favorite album of each month. Not that large of a commitment but still a way for me to talk about my favorite music I’m hearing at WCDB. In the future they’ll be up much closer to the end of the previous month too, at least in theory!

For January my favorite album was Attack on Memory by the Cloud Nothings, an indie rock band from Cleveland led by frontman Dylan Baldi. The strength on first listen seemed to lie in how energetic the songs were while still having a good sense of control over where it was going, and I thought that Baldi’s voice was a bit of a turn off. In subsequent listens the voice has grown on me a lot though, within the raspy yelling (that’s apparantly intentional based off the beginning to “Fall In”) is a lot of emotion, and the imperfect quality ultimately suits the album’s themes very well. The fact is that you shouldn’t have a perfectly clear voice while singing “No Future/No Past,” and I’m glad he doesn’t now.

Track Suggestions:

Fall In

Our Plans

Stay Useless

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