Hope you didin’t miss us too much. New music!

Happy holidays everybody!  Hope you had a wonderfully cheery one and got all the gifts you asked for if you were a good boy or girl this year!  For Hanukkah, my mom and I usually do some shopping together and I picked up some super cute shoes this year!  I also celebrated my first Christmas with my boyfriend and his massive Italian family.  It was tiring but I did get way more gifts than I was expecting to.   Plus it was a good time so I’m not complaining.  One gift I received that’s coming in great use is a new pair of headphones for all the new music I’ve been downloading.  What’s my current favorite you ask?

Sonnymoon!  A duo from Boston who’s genre I find hard to describe, but maybe I’m just awful at that.  It’s a bit experimental, quite dreamy, a dab poppy, and all around fantastic.  Not one track off their LP Golden Age is skip worthy.

“As all planets do, Sonnymoon created the perfect beings to self-fulfill the prophecy. From the deepest depths of the sea they called forth an energy entity to be called Anna, comprised of feminine aspects: wisdom, water, land, emotion, passion, moonlight. From the core of the sun they called forth a polar energy to be named Dane, comprised of the masculine: intelligence, fire, wind, cognition, sunlight. Together they formed the perfect celestial balance of non-duality –embodying Sonnymoon itself.”

Golden Age is available for download FREE on their Facebook page and new material is already in the works! (See “Blast Off” below).

“For those receptive to their transmission – prepare for your world to change.
But fear not, Earthlings, they come in peace.”

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