Enter Shikari: listen to their new songs

Who knew hardcore and electronic music would blend so well together?  Hailing from England, Enter Shikari has seen a lot of success.  Their debut album released in 2007, Take To The Skies, reached reached #4 in the Official UK Album Chart and their following album which I find incredible, Common Dreads (2009) reached #16.  Their third studio album, A Flash Flood Of Color is due to come out January 16, 2012.

Today I came across 2 new songs and I’m feeling rather disappointed at the first one even after my second and third listen.  I think my problem with it is the timing feels cut in half, therefore lacking the energy that is so prominent on their other two albums, and the electronic parts are completely independent from the rest of the music.  I really don’t need to hear more post-dubstep-ish parts smack in the middle of this song.  However, I’m still a fan of their political and social song lyrics, and I’m just hoping the rest of the album can reach and/or come close to my expectations!

Check it out for yourself.  What do you think of it?


This other new song I like better than the previous one.  It sounds very similar to Common Dreads but also has more elements of dubstep.  We’ll see how the rest of the tracks go!

And listen to an older song too from Common Dreads!

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